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Exploit: Zero Day w/ Creator Interview

Recently, I have been playing an online game, currently in alpha testing, called Exploit: Zero Day and I have to say it has definitely been an enjoyable experience. EZD was created by Future Proof Games, who also did Ossuary, which I have previously reviewed. The game itself has a great concept. Basically, you are a part of this group called Zero Day, they are your modern tech savvy Robin Hood and his merry men. A group of hackers that steal from the rich and give to the poor; the voice of the silenced. EZD does a great job of making a compelling story and backstory with this concept. Future Proof Games pays very close attention to detail making the story believable. For example, your main adversary in the game is the company, Samsara Digital, and there is an actual website to accompany the business, breathing life into the fictional company. The narrative also allows for roleplaying as you can choose how to respond to those you are in contact with, are you going to look the other way or speak up? Who will you work for and against?

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EGX 2015 Hands On – Lumo

There was a heavy emphasis on the ‘indie’ megabooth at this year’s EGX. Named the ‘Rezzed Zone’ it was a bustling array of stalls boasting all types of games imaginable, everything from VR games to student ventures seeking attention for their most personal projects.

During a chat with Tyrone Walcott, the PR Manager of Rising Star Games, a publisher now well known for showing the smaller titles on Steam or console, I was introduced to Lumo. I was immediately assured that this was not an indie game, this was the work of Gareth Noyce under the quirky Developer name ‘Triple Eh?’. Noyce has a broad spectrum of experience in Videogames, working on titles including Crackdown 2, Too Human, and Fable 2, though Lumo is a much more personal project, one that clearly shows a lot of thought and attention.

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Virtual Reality Made Me Cry – Hands On With HTC Vive Powered By Steam VR

There is a myth surrounding one of the first ever films shown to the public. ‘L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat’ released in 1896 or, ‘Train Pulling into a Station’ as it is known in English, was supposed to be so new, so real, that as they watched a film showing a train moving towards the camera the audience panicked and frantically left their seats to escape the danger. After experiencing Steam’s Virtual Reality through the HTC Vive, I can safely say I believe this myth to be true, as during my twenty minute demonstration I felt an abundance of emotion that no entertainment experience had ever given me before.

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