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Konami LaserScope – Gaming Fail

The games industry is a young industry, in the grand scheme of things, and like any of us it has a few moments in its past where it will look back and cringe with embarrassment. Our Gaming Fail series celebrates all these aberrations for what they are; glorious failures; gaming follies of the grandest order.

As part of the series we’ve covered some pretty flawed concepts; from the banality of the photographic “fun” of the Gameboy Camera to the frankly painful idea of using your eyebrows to play games with the Atari Mindlink.

Today’s entry, however, is flawed in its own very special way. Read more …


Google Cardboard – The £3 Oculus Rift

We’ve all heard about the Oculus Rift; the headset that promises to truly deliver a full Virtual Reality experience, dropping the player into a computer-generated world and letting them experience the world first-hand.

The tech has garnered a lot of coverage in the industry over the last few years, including a great deal of discussion regarding the shipping of the pre-ordered hardware. Read more …



     During a long day of summer classes and work, I tend to take to my iPhone App Store in search of new games to ease my stress and relax my worries. I came across this game the other day called LASER!. It is an endless dodging game. You play as a cube and your job is to bounce along the path without getting hit by lasers that are being shot at you. I was drawn to the game because of its color scheme and design. It reminded me a lot of Monument Valley, because of its beige, teal, and salmon colors as well as its simplistic style.

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