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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Xbox One Review

Developers Artifex Mundi are carving out something of a niche for themselves on Xbox One in the point and click/ hidden object game genre with both Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart and now Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek making the jump from PC to the console audience.

Enigmatis is the more recent of the two to be released and focuses on a detective searching for a missing girl in a small town in the Maple Creek valley. Unfortunately for her, a storm has devastated the town and left her with short term amnesia. To compound matters further, the storm destroyed her room and diary, meaning she will have to start from scratch with the investigation. Read more …


The Solus Project Xbox One Game Preview

Please Note: The following is an early impressions article of The Solus Project, which is currently available on Xbox One and PC via game preview/ early access. The game is still in development with frequent updates and the final game is expected to launch sometime in Summer. As such any points made are representative of the game at its current stage of development as of the date of this article and do not necessarily reflect the final product. For more information on the game and to learn more about future updates please visit

The Solus Project is, as the name implies, a lonely game. The premise is familiar; it is the future, we irresponsible humans have ruined Earth to the point it is no longer hospitable. Therefore a reconnaissance crew is sent out to scour new planets in the hope of finding humanity a new home. You are sent to recon an uninhabited planet by the name of Gliese-6143-C when all of a sudden your ship gets hit by something and you crash land on the planets surface. Read more …


Senran Kagura Estival Versus – PSVita Review

I opened the door to the Zero1Gaming Editor’s office. The hinges were stuck with a material I would later learn was a mixture of the blood of our enemies and cheese, but with a mighty push I managed to make my way inside where I found Paul Izod, editor and resident tyrant, sitting behind his lavish desk. In his hands was a sword, which he brandished in my general direction in the traditional Z1G greeting.

“Sit down, Trent,” he ordered. Never one to defy an armed madman, I complied. “I assume you know why I’ve called you in here?”  Read more …


EA Sports UFC 2 Review

As UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan frequently quips ‘’A lot of people like to be the hammer, not a lot of people like being the nail’’. What he means by this is that although a lot of people in theory would like to be an MMA fighter, it takes a certain kind of person to actually go through with it. This is where the UFC videogames come in, allowing you to live out the fighter fantasy from the comfort of your own sofa. Read more …