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Triple Bill 1

Horror Show Triple Bill – The Interview, Pregnancy & Hello? Hell…o?

In recent years, there has been a deluge of short indie horror games of fluctuating quality. Every now and then, something special rises to the top of this churning mass, like They Breathe or Home. However, for every interesting little game, there’s ten lazy rip-offs. With that in mind, here are three bitesize horror games for your delight and/or disgust. Read more …


Creating A First Gaming PC On A Budget

I have always been interested in the differences between consoles capabilities, I like to see which games look better on which consoles and I’m addicted to watching graphics comparisons on newly released games.

Often these graphics comparison videos show footage from  Xbox, Playstation and PC, though I paid closest attention to the consoles I was also jealously watching the PC footage in awe of how it was always ahead of the competition by a long way. So I have decided to stop fretting about differences between consoles and just dive into the complex pool of PC parts, heat sinks, CPU’s GPU’s memory and RAM (“memory IS RAM!”) and this is my experience.

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ClayFighter Remastered Releasing In 2016


Drip Drop Games and Interplay have announced a remastered version of ClayFighter, which is due to release for PC in 2016. The remaster is set to include characters such as Bad Mr. Frosty, Blue Suede Goo, Earthworm Jim and Boogerman. There are over 20 characters and 20 environments confirmed for the remaster.

New mechanics such as double jumping, counters, air dashing and reversals have been included in the remaster. Every character now has its own unique super and “Claytality” move. As expected, the game will feature remastered audio and high resolution graphics.