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Wasteland 2 Review

It’s not often that I’ve had cause to review a Kickstarted game here on Zero1gaming, but with the crowd-funding movement becoming so prominent over recent years, there’s more than a few titles emerging from the site, so it’s about time I got on board.

Truth be told though, I’d have been all over today’s subject; Wasteland 2; like a tramp on chips whether it was kickstarted, big budget, indie-developed or even, gulp, taken over by EA!

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Halo 2 Documentary Gets Release Date


The documentary chronicling the remaster of Halo 2 will premiere on October 31st. It will include never-before seen story elements and footage from Halo 2: Anniversary. The film will show us how 343 managed to bring Halo 2 back to life. The Halo 2 documentary will be available for download on Xbox Video from October 31st. Xbox Users can also view the documentary on the Halo Channel from November 11th and users will also be able to catch it on the Xbox Twitch channel.

Halo 2: Anniversary is part of the Master Chief Collection, which is due to release in North America on November 11th.



Thomas Was Alone To Launch On Wii U EShop November 25th


Curve Digital has announced that Thomas Was Alone will release on the Wii U eShop on November 25th. The developer also announced that the game will fetch you back £7/$10. Thomas Was Alone was originally developed by Mike Bithell and has recently sold over 1 million copies across all platforms. The game is already out on iPad, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita.