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Unravel Hands-On Preview

It feels likes forever ago we were shown the first teaser trailer for developer Coldwood’s beautiful side-scrolling platformer Unravel and it’s immediately likeable lead character Yarny. In actuality it was only at E3 2015 that the game was announced but with the immediate interest in the game and the steady drip feed of new trailers since it feels like we have been waiting a lifetime. With the game due to release on February 9th, EA have released a trial of the first two levels of the game through its Xbox One service, EA Access. Thankfully it seems like the wait has been worth it as Unravel is shaping up to be one the best puzzle platformers of the current console generation. Read more …


Sebastian Young Tinkers With His Bits


The Newbies Guide to PC Building Part 2

In Part 1 of this guide we looked at all the essential components you need to gather in order to build your own gaming computer. Is this article, I’ll talk you through the process of putting all those different parts together in the hope of ending up with a working PC.

Experienced PC builders will likely scoff at some of my methodology but, just like my target audience, I’m a complete noob at this myself. But for any doubters out there, here’s a spoiler – after a 5 hour build, the finished computer actually works! Read more …