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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 4 of June

Welcome back gamers, we made it through another week, and the month of June is coming to a close as well.  Headlines were plentiful this week, so let’s go take at a few that popped in the gaming world.

Action fans everywhere are beginning to have anticipation to the upcoming summer action film The Expendables 2.  In preparations for the movie, Ubisoft is working on a sequel prequel, basically bring the two movies together into one full story.  The Expendables 2 sequel prequel is going to be available for download on PC, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network, launching approximately the same time as The Expendables 2.  Gameplay at this point is still sketchy, but two different play styles appear to be in the downloadable title, vehicle combat and 4-player co-op shooting.  The 4 players will each take the roles of Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, and Terry Crews, and the ending of the game takes you right into the beginning of the movie.  There is no word on rather the actors will appear to voice their characters in the game.

Recently Capcom has made an announcement regarding the upcoming Devil May Cry title expected early next year, the sound track is to feature Noisia  and Combichrist.  Set in a modern day, the new Devil May Cry acts as a prequel to the franchise, presenting a young Dante coming into his own.  Because of the modern day tone, Capcom felt it appropriate that the majority of the soundtrack ought to be made up by the sounds of two groups that are known for fast paced and set a global trend in the music industry.  Noisia is a three piece who excel is creating pulsing drum & bass and dubstep tracks. They have toured all across the globe, and have produced music for the likes of Korn and Hadouken alongside producing remixes for Katy Perry, The Prodigy, Tinie Tempah, Moby, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and many others.  Combichrist are an indrustrial rock band formed in 2003 and are now based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band tours consistently and is known for giving memorable performances.  Combichrist has been gaining a large fanbase after a year of touring with Rammstein.   Devil May Cry is scheduled for release on Jaruary 15th 2013.

Radical Entertainment will be closing their doors Activision announced this week. The studio behind Prototype is going to undergo a “significant reduction in staff,” according to the official statement made.  “Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience,” Activision said.  Activision explored multiple avenues on how to position the studio for the past several years.  As a last resort, Activision put the studio to rest, leaving 89 employees jobless.  This past Thursday, Prototype‘s former audio designer Rob Bridgett tweeted “RIP Radical Entertainment 1991-2012,” and later said on Facebook; “A special ‘thanks’ to the Prototype Army and all our extremely loyal and passionate fans for supporting Radical Entertainment. We couldn’t have come this far without you.”

Sega this week announced that they too will be closing doors, but abroad.  The publisher plans on shutting many of its studios in France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Benelux. Sega’s European headquarters in London will not be affected by the closure and will now oversee distribution partners Koch Media, Level03 Distribution and 5 Star Games. “SEGA is entering a new and exciting phase that will position the company as a content led organisation maximising sales with strong and balanced IP such as Sonic the HedgehogTotal WarFootball Manager and the Aliens franchise,” Sega Europe COO Jurgen Post said regarding the closures.  “The company will benefit from a clear focus and realigned strategy for our digital business and packaged goods and we are confident that this will lead to a successful future.”  This movement is in an ongoing effort to recover from the “extraordinary losses” that was reported in the company’s previous fiscal year.  Titles which were previously announced and being developed by the European studios closed in this decision have not found homes at new developers at this time.

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7 Reasons to own a Wii

Despite how you may feel about the Wii you cannot deny that it has been a success. As of March this year it has sold over 95 Million units, which is more than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it introduced gaming to a larger, more mainstream audience and has helped push technology into new directions; can anyone say for certain that there wouldn’t be a Kinect or PlayStation Move if we didn’t have the Wii?

Yet for all its commercial and technological success, critically, the Wii has not been viewed favourably. More or less forgotten about by the gaming media of late and derided by “core” gamers, the Wii has struggled to find many people who will openly admit to owning one, let alone playing one.

Yet there have been some brilliant gaming experiences on the Wii, some you will know and others you may not have heard of, but between now and the end of this article I’m going to show you why you should still consider buying a Wii.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure.

If you were to pick up a dictionary and look for the term “Hidden Gem” there would be a picture of this game underneath it. Released in late 2007 and early 2008 to massive critical championing, it unfortunately sank without a trace commercially.

The game allows you to take on the role of wannabe pirate Zack and his ‘animal’ friend Wiki. I say ‘animal’ as it’s not really explained what animal can turn into a bell and can fly using its tail.

Zack & Wiki have recently joined “The Sea Rabbits” and are on their way to the hideout when their airship is attacked by a rival gang of pirates. The airship crashes onto a tropical island and Zack & Wiki come across a treasure chest containing the severed but still talking head of the famous pirate Barbaros. Barbaros promises the friends that he will lead them to his hidden treasure if they restore his body. What follows is one of the funniest & most enjoyable adventures on the Wii.

The game harkens back to the old days of Point and Click adventures and has drawn heavily from the Monkey Island games but don’t be fooled by the cartoonish visual style. This game is not easy, it’s taxing, tricky and each individual level will get your brain thinking and I cannot recommend it enough! Unfortunately it seems that Capcom aren’t planning on revisiting the franchise again due to the poor sales performance but don’t let that be your reason for missing out on this.


Now before anyone starts shouting at me I am well aware that this game was originally released on the PlayStation 2, but this is one of three games on this list that the Wii versions surpassed the original format.

Released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2 and then re-released as a port onto the Wii in 2008, Okami is a mix of Japanese folklore and myth which tells the story of how the land was saved from Orochi by the Sun Goddess ‘Amaterasu’ who takes on the form of a white wolf.

The game involves travelling the land of Nippon ridding the land of evil and demons. Amaterasu is helped along the way by residents that she encounters and a constant travelling companion, Issun, who is searching for the 13 Celestial Brush Techniques.

It’s these brush techniques that really make the Wii version stand out from the PlayStation 2. The Wii motion control allows the player to control the brush with more precise movements than dual analogue sticks and can make drawing the certain pictures much easier, especially when in the heat of a battle.

The art style of Okami is beautiful in either version of the game but upgrading the visuals to run in 480p and widescreen made the Wii version stand out.

And to show that gaming trends are cyclical, it has been recently announced that Capcom are working on a HD remake of Okami for the PlayStation 3. The game will be available later this year from the PlayStation Network and will include support for the PlayStation Move controller but for now the Wii version remains the best way to experience this stunning game.

Metroid Prime Trilogy.

For this particular game I wasn’t sure if to just include the final part of this Trilogy, Metroid Prime: Corruption, the only version to be released specifically for the Wii or to talk about the Trilogy package. In the end I decided that you can’t talk about one of these fantastic games without mentioning the others.

Released in 2009, Metroid Prime Trilogy is a one disc collection of all three of Retro Studios epic tales in the Metroid Universe. The disc contains 2002’s Metroid Prime, 2004’s Metroid Prime: Echoes and 2007’s Metroid Prime: Corruption.

Each of the individual games is a must have for anyone who calls themselves a fan of this female bounty hunter. The story being told over the three discs is huge and varies; Samus Aran is the strong silent protagonist with a vast array of weapons and abilities at her command and the game shows that the Wii can do FPS style games. Having all three games on the same disc, without the need for a GameCube controller or memory card, and with the updated graphics and control system of the Wii means that this is the ultimate Metroid package. GO AND BUY IT!!!!

Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2.

If there is one thing that Nintendo never ceases to do well its Mario games. Since Super Mario 64 Nintendo have been trying different avenues with their company mascot, some of them have been huge successes in their own right and some have drifted into distant memory but when Super Mario Galaxy hit shelves in November 2007, no one could deny Nintendo had hit gold (coins).

While the storyline for both games is pretty much the same, involving Princess Peach getting kidnapped, Mario sets off on a rescue mission; it was the visuals that really blew people away. Super Mario Galaxy showed the world what the Wii was capable of and while it wasn’t running at 1080p no one cared as the game was perfectly balanced for the little white box.

To put the game in context it is the third highest rated game on Metacritic, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is number four, it’s the best-selling non-bundled game for the Wii and was named as the best Nintendo game of the decade!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released in 2009 and followed a very similar pattern to the original but included opportunities to play as Luigi and various types of Yoshi.

In the years between the games Nintendo had again been faced with the scorn of critics and core gamers, Galaxy 2 was a reminder to those doubters as to what Nintendo could accomplish.

Little Kings Story.

Taking a step back from the big Nintendo franchises, this is another hidden gem of a game.

One thing the Wii was able to emulate better than its contemporaries was the point & click style gaming that had found its home on the PC. Little King’s Story was developer Cing’s attempt to bring a real time strategy game to the Wii.

The plot involves a young boy who finds a magic crown that allows him to charm other people into following him and doing his bidding. He soon becomes King of the village he lives in and it becomes his mission to expand the village and make sure that its residents are happy.

The game plays as many real time games do on the PC. You have your fighters, resource collectors, trainers, builders, various building types and of course, various enemies. Players control the King by using the Wiimote and selecting tasks from a very simple menu. You can train different fighters and once you have a good posse together you set out to find some enemies to kill and new lands to expand into.

Eventually your kingdom expands and that brings more upgrades and more residents for you to manage. As with Zack & Wiki don’t let the cartoonish style visuals fool you, this game requires concentration and pre-planning and for me the game has more personality and gave me more hours of fun than playing StarCraft or something similar.

Resident Evil 4.

I don’t think there is a gamer alive who hasn’t played Resident Evil 4. The game has been released on more formats than any other. Initially introduced as an exclusive GameCube title, the game has since then been released on the PlayStation 2, the PC, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 as well as small versions appearing in various mobile formats.

The game involves Resident Evil staple, Leon Kennedy as he travels to an unspecified region of Europe to rescue the President’s daughter, Ashley, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult. You control Leon as he fights violent villagers, crazy ex-soldiers, mutated wildlife and solves puzzles that generally have no business being where they are!

The game was a marked change for the Resident Evil series and is the first time a game pulls away from being ‘Survival Horror’ and moves into the ‘Third Person Action Horror’ franchise we know today. The over the shoulder stand point the game introduced became industry standard and can be seen in nearly all third person games including Batman Arkham Asylum and the Dead Space series.

In the Wii version players controlled Leon’s movements using the analogue stick and his gun by using the Wiimote to point and shoot. This gave you more precision when aiming and a quick swipe of the Wiimote would cause Leon to use his knife on the offending enemy. The control system feels much more natural and the improved graphics from the GameCube version seem to hit the games sweet spot. The recent HD releases on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox have not managed to get the visual balance right.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In my opinion, no run down of the best games of any Nintendo system is complete without a Zelda game in it. The Zelda franchise is Nintendo’s second biggest money maker, only behind Mario, yet while the Plumber has tended to be a bit stuck in his ways, Zelda has been a franchise that has always pushed boundaries.

The Wii’s lifecycle has been book ended by Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a launch title for the console back in 2006, making it the first time ever a Zelda game has launched with new hardware and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is essentially the Wii’s swan song, the last major Nintendo release on its current console.

Many of you will know that Twilight Princess was originally going to be a GameCube title but it was held back from release in order to be reconfigured to suit the Wii’s updated hardware. The game was released to massive critical acclaim with many critics praising the visual style and the expansive storyline.

The art style of Twilight Princess was much darker than the series predecessor. This was seen to some as Nintendo finally giving gamers the game they thought they were getting during the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’ years, thankfully though that game is now considered to be a classic.

Along with Twilight Princess’ darker visuals came as much darker storyline. The game is set 100 years after Ocarina of Time and involves this iteration of Link rescuing Princess Zelda and Hyrule from a corrupted dimension known as the Twilight Realm.  During the adventure Link gains the companionship of Midna, an exiled being from the Twilight Realm and in turn Midna grants Link with the ability to change form into a wolf.

This version of Hyrule is huge and covers all the traditional areas and inhabitants that have been staples since Ocarina of Time, making Twilight Princess the best traditional Zelda game.

The most recent Zelda game, Skyward Sword, is an altogether different beast (pardon the pun) from Twilight Princess. Nintendo have, over the years, come under a fair bit of criticism for its ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude towards the Zelda franchise. Stale, lack of innovation, imagination & creativity have all been used to describe the series and it seems that Nintendo has been listening.

Skyward Sword is an origin story. It tells the story of, what we can assume, are the first Link and the first Zelda. It does away with a lot of what were considered staples of the series and it also changes the well-worn formula of dungeons (Three & Six). With the Wii Motion Plus accessory being a requirement to play the game, it also has a strong focus on precision sword play and ironically gives the players the 1-1 feeling that was promised at the start of the Wii’s life and the end of its life cycle.

Visually Skyward Sword is the polar opposite to Twilight Princess. Twilight Princess was a very dark, almost muddy game with lots of browns being used in the palette. Skyward Sword embraces colour and uses it well, while not as bright as the cell shaded world we had in Wind Waker, Skyward Sword bridges the gap between realism and cartoon.

Gameplay breaks from Zelda tradition and gives players a more condensed world to travel in and uses a lot of back tracking in a way that the Metroid series perfected. I won’t reveal too much about the game itself as it is still relatively new and I’m not going to spoil it for you when I want you to go out and play it!

So, there we are. My run down of what I believe, are the best Wii games out there. With the console nearing the end you can get great deals on hardware now or you can wait until the Wii U comes out later this year, thankfully Nintendo have not done away with backwards compatibility totally. I don’t mind if you buy these games now or later but just buy them, they are your chance to see that despite all the shovel-ware, the endless waggle factor and some downright awful games, the Wii had its brilliant moments.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 3 of June

Welcome back gamers to the end of another week.  The week has been eventful, so let’s take a look at what’s happened this week.

Its been revealed that Solid Snake would be making a return in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5.  In an interview with french magazine, IG, Hideo Kojima revealed that his development team was finished with Solid Snake.  “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance never claimed to be a Metal Gear Solid. This is not a game about our beloved Solid Snake,” he’s believed to have said.  ”It is a spinoff that tries something different. We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots.”  The quote has yet to be verified as it will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. The new game will feature a new ‘fox’ engine which has a social based engine similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.   Metal Gear Solid 5 was confirmed last fall, and is expected out any time between April 2013 through May 2014.

In a leaked memo, it seems that PC gamers who have a soft spot for Final Fanstasy VII can rejoice.  The memo in question mentions that Square Enix plans to bring Final Fantasy VII to Steam.  Among the new features brought to steam, there will be 36 acheivments, online profiles to compare your progress and “cloud saves” (no pun intended).  There is also rumor that a possible Final Fantasy IX could be coming to PC in the near future, despite lack a evidence at this point.  This annoucement comes as PS Vita owners are still waiting to access their favorite PSone games.

In a rather lack luster announcement, Nintendo announced there will be a new addition to the 3DS family, the 3DS XL.  Some of the changes include 90% more screen space, extended battery life, and of course, gained weight.  Despite the size increase, there seems to be a lacking of a second circle pad and apparently a missing power adapter.  Some critics to the design would be quick to point out that; it was well documented that some 3DS titles are are nearly unplayable.  There is also a lack of clarity of whether the 3DS XL is sold with power cord included.  There is some verbiage of the 3DS XL being an upgrade for DS owners so they would already have the cord.    Despite this news, the 3DS XL will ship with a 4 GB SD card and will launch on 28 July in Europe and 19 August in the US.

Nintendo confirmed that the upcoming Super Smash Bros for Wii U and the 3DS will be co-developed by Namco Bandai and Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora, led by series regular Masahiro Sakurai.  “I would love to provide more information, but for now, I’m going to stay quiet until I have something solid to show you,” explained Sakurai.  “The project has just gotten started. Bear in mind that not only are we developing two titles simultaneously, but we announced the project before we even started actual development, so I’m afraid we will likely have to keep you waiting for quite a while. Please be patient.”   There is no release date on this title and could be years before it’s release.

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Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2 of June

Welcome back gamers to another weekend.  The gaming industry is starting to wind down after the events of E3 a week ago.  With that, regular news headlines are returning to us.  Let’s take a look at some of those headlines.

After mixed, but a heavily negative response to the ending of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3, Bioware announced a DLC which will give the player a greater insight into how the choices they made within the game have affected the Mass Effect galaxy.  An exert from the announcement read as, “Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut: An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard’s choices on the future of the galaxy.” A second DLC also planned, entitled Earth, focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the game.   Earth will add new Earth-based locations, extra character classes and weapons.  Both DLCs can be expected this summer.

High Moon Studios is in the process of making the most authentic Transformers game to date.  This is more evident after the announcement that Peter Cullen and Gregg Berger, the legendary voices of Optimus Prime and Grimlock from the original Transformers cartoon, will return to voice the characters they are fanatically known for in Transformers : Fall of Cybertron video game, which will launch on August 28.  “There is no mistaking the voices of Optimus Prime and Grimlock, and we are so happy that fans will get to experience a game featuring the distinctive voices of many of the most iconic and popular Transformers characters,” said Mark Blecher, SVP of Digital Media and Marketing at Hasbro. ”The development team at High Moon Studios did a phenomenal job hand-picking the cast for what is by far the most diverse character roster ever in aTransformers video game.”  The upcoming title will also feature Nolan North (Bruticus, Cliffjumper, and Brawl), Troy Baker (Jazz , Jerfire, and Kickback), Fred Tatasciore (Megatron, Ratchet, and Metroplex), Steve Blum (Shockwave, Swindle and Sharpshot ), Isaac Singleton (Soundwave). Transformers : Fall of Cybertron will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.

Blizzard is on a roll this year in regard to releases.  Last month, the highly desired and top selling Diabo III was released, unleashing hell, in game and for gamers battling server issues.  Now Blizzard has announced that the expansion to the popular RTS title, Starcraft 2, is near completion.  Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is 99% done according to Blizzard lead designer Dustin Browder.  “We are 99% done,” Browder told Kotaku. “But that last 1%’s a bitch.”  “It’s the tuning and polish that really takes us a long time, and that’s where we get into the unknowns,” he added.

“Like we could do a play-through next week that we’re like, ‘Wow this is really great’. Or we could do a play-through and we still have 250 items we wanna fix.  You know, historically speaking we’re doing pretty well.  We’re getting there.  But I don’t know for sure yet when we’ll be done.” A release date for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has yet to be determined, but it is likely that it will launch before the end of 2012.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 1 of June E3 Edition

Welcome back gamers to another weekend.  What a week it’s been too, E3  created new anticipation for upcoming titles, unveiled new IPs, and pointed to the direction game consoles and major publishers plan to go in the next year.  Let’s look at some of the news that stuck out this year.


Microsoft kicked off the expo by announcing  new services for Xbox Live that will make the gaming console the center of the home entertainment center.  Microsoft strategy doing this involves the introduction of Internet Explorer 9 for Xbox 360.  In addition to Internet Explorer, Microsoft introduced music streaming service that will come to compete against iTunes.  At the time of launch, Microsoft expects  to have over 300 million tracks available.  As part of the media center, Microsoft also introduced a variety of sports and media services.  In addition to the sport services ESPN, MLB and UFC, the Xbox Dashboard will now have NHL and NBA broadcasts, plus Hulu Plus, and Machinima Vidoes.  All these services will be accessible by Kinect’s new voice control features, which is powered by Bing.  Bing Voice Search which will be available in 12 countries at the time of launch.

Microsoft in addition to the service launches didn’t leave out the main attraction to E3, the upcoming games.  Kinect featured games appeared in the form of Wreckateer, a motion controlled game similar to popular mobile title, Angry Birds.  Fable: The Journey was also given a new trailer showing off its impressive Kinect controlled gameplay. The third Kinect title ushered in was Dance Central 3 with a performance from Usher himself.  As for non-Kinect titles, game play trailers of Tomb Raider and Forza: Horizon which demonstrated in game visuals that left the audience in amazement.  Non-gameplay trailers made their way to the stage include Resident Evil 6, and closing out the conference Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

For a full anaylsis of the Microsoft Press Conference, stop by Michael’s Round-Up.


Sony took the stage late Saturday to close out the first day of E3.  Following an apologetic show at last year’s E3, Sony was bound to make a strong showing this year.  Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO, Jack Tretton, took the stage and thanked for the ongoing support by consumers for support Sony this past year.  After the opening statements Sony unveiled the first new IP of the Sony Conference: Quantic Dream‘s Beyond: Two Souls.  After the introduction of the first title, an in game demonstration of the highly discussed Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale.  The Super Smash Bros clone is going to be available on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, the game’s data will be transferable between the Vita and the PS3.  Ubisoft joined the stage to show off the bundle pack offer of Assassin’s Creed 3 with Playstation 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation with the Playstation Vita.  Before exiting stage right, Ubisoft teased at the FarCry 3: 4-player co-op that’s been in the works.  Sony’s last game announced was The Last Of Us, which featured appealing visuals and combat to demonstrate it’s capabilities.

Sony wasn’t without their media center solutions.  There was an announcement about TV, movie and sports features available on PS3, and the YouTube app for PSVita; these announcements only took a fraction of the time that Microsoft spent on their media announcements.  Sony also made the announcement that it will partner with HTC and Android to re-brand Playstation Suite to “Playstation Mobile” to bring gaming to a mobile platform.

For a full anaylsis of the Sony Press Conference, stop by Gareth’s Round-Up.


Nintendo kicked off Day 2 of E3 with Mr. Miyamoto preparing for stage with the assistance of Pikmin.  After making it to the stage, Mr. Miyamoto announced to the world Pikman 3.  The long awaited title will make its way to Nintendo’s new Wii U.  Part of the this game’s installment is to demonstrate the control mechanics of the Wii U controller.  No Nintendo console would be complete without their lovable mascot at the helm.  Rather than refreshing the Mario brand, Nintendo instead created a sequel to the ever popular New Super Mario Bros.  In New Super Mario Bros 2, all the features players came to love of the new Mario games will be brought to life on the Wii U.  What turned out to be the breath taking moment of this announcement was the moment that Mario’s most popular form appeared during the game play trailer.  At one point Mario obtains a raccoon tail and takes to the air.  Nintendo wasn’t going to just show off in-house titles.  One of the top selling games in 2011, Batman Arkham City, will get a port to the Wii U.  Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition will feature the original game and the DLC.  Ubisoft joined Nintendo on stage to show off ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Rayman Legends.

To close out the conference, Nintendo did announce a new IP, NintendoLand.  Following the success of Wii Sports and Wii Play, NintendoLand is a giant theme park with 12 different zones.  Some of the zones reference Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong and Zelda.  NintendoLand will launch with the Wii U but no news on if it will be bundled in the box as Wii Sports was.

For a full anaylsis of the Nintendo Press Conference, stop by Tim’s Round-Up.

EA and Ubisoft had their own press conferences where their major titles were on display.  Some of those titles are: Need for Speed, Madden ’13 Medal of Honor, SimCity, Far Cry 3, ZombiU, Watch_Dogs  Assassin’s Creed 3 and more.  Other news that popped up during the expo include: Marvel’s Avengers will support Kinect motion control on the Xbox 360, Skyrim will have a new DLC available, Activision is in the process of bringing Angry Birds HD to consoles, Valve is in the process of making a Left 4 Dead prequel which will be published by EA, and Dead Island is receiving a sequel.  Of course there are several other headlines, but to bring them all to you, this article would end up the size of a small magazine.

To finish off our E3 coverage, the members of Team Z1G is going to share what stuck out the most for them during the Expo.  That post should become available later this afternoon.

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