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Fusion:Genesis wouldn’t be my first choice of games to download when I am browsing the Xbox Live Marketplace. Sci-fi games have never really been a type of game I’ve been known to sit down and play for ages. Why you ask? I’m unsure myself as to why this is. It’s something that I’ve never really noticed when I’ve been playing games, but most of them seem to feature handsome Italian male assassin’s… but enough about my personal gaming preferences, let me tell you why I enjoyed Fusion:Genesis.

The story begins with a short introduction into the world that you’re just about to be dropped into. It’s a somewhat typical “Factions are fighting between one another for power and it’s all about to blow out of proportion” idea but, nevertheless, it makes for an interesting beginning to our hero’s story.

During the tutorial portion of the game, you meet a comedic professor who shows you the ropes on how to get started. The controls are picked up easily(a twin stick shooter can’t be that hard to pick up right?)  and as you fly your way across the galaxy more of the story is revealed to you by the Professor as he communicates with you. Soon, you’re sent out on a mission, while returning to complete the mission  the Professor sacrifices himself to ensure your escaped from an ambush attack. Nowyou must go on alone and save the galaxy. Cliché? Yes, however if it isn’t the story that grips you then the visuals definitely will.

As I was travelling away from the carnage I realised how stunning the world I was in really was! Fusion: Genesis provides to the player an environment that could easily be mistaken for one that represents the likes of Mass Effect and I could look at for hours in awe. Looking top down into the world, you can normally see planets right into the background and the many walls of space dungeons surrounding you. It’s not all blues and blacks up here though -  oh no – for Genesis brings in elements such as ice and fire to create areas within the map that makes you want to explore more into the various galaxies. Exploring through the worlds and as you cross into new areas, the world around you seamlessly changes from deep blues and purples, to luscious greens, then finally into fiery reds depending on where you go. In addition to this, the soundtrack can change as well. Take on some of the hostile enemies and the soundtrack changes to a heavier and grittier theme. These two aspects combined together really keep a tight hold in you wanting to play more and more of the game.

Fusion: Genesis holds a good solid base for a MMO to appear on XBLA. You can control your ship from your controller with ease; friends can jump in and out of play as they wish and help you with missions and generally, have a good time playing the game! Throughout the game, you’ll take on missions which involve rescuing other pilots, picking up pieces of intel for agents or carrying out some mining, just to mention a few of the adventures that you’ll be embarking on, all of which are available from various agents at the different bases within the galaxy. I quite liked that you could choose the difficulty of the mission that you wanted to go on with some of the agents – much better than diving head first into a mission and soon realising you are out of your depth with it. There are plenty of missions to keep you occupied and it was a game that I found myself going to back to on a regular basis over the course of one short weekend. It’s easy to pick up and play, complete a few missions, upgrade your ship and loose a few hours in doing so as well.

I mention upgrading your ship and I must point out this is one of the only issues I had with the game. I felt like I had to go out of my way to learn how things worked in Fusion:Genesis. The controls and basic aspects of the game were explained early on, however many upgrades and levelling up remained unknown to me and I had no clue where to start when it came to assigning weapons onto my ship. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to pick up, understand and then use effectively to conquer your enemies.

My time with the game really has been an enjoyable and new experience for me, one that I’m still going to be playing after this review. Being made by Starfire Studios – the team of four have made a respectable move into creating an MMO that can be played on consoles and for 800 Microsoft Points, I would recommend picking this game up. For a game that perhaps might not hold you with its story but it will with the sublime graphics and the amount of content and hours of gameplay that you receive, it’s well worth picking up.


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