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2012 Was a pretty sweet year for games, some awesome releases have made this one of the best years in a long time. Even if I wasn’t expecting much from 2012 to begin with, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the awesome games we have. But that isn’t enough, of course it isn’t. We want awesome games all the time! So let us have a little look see what 2013 has in store for us, now you know, the world didn’t end and all that.

Revelations 2012 – officially a work of fiction, and a terrible game.

1. StarCraft 2: Heart of The Swarm

Ok so this may not be the most obvious choice for me, I’ve only just recently got into StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty after all. But having played a good amount of Wings of Liberty, I can already tell I want more! This game looks like it is set to cause a storm when it arrives. Who knows, I may also brave the multiplayer once this comes out and everyone is still figuring out what the new stuff does. This game has stolen my soft spot for Command and Conquer, taking it’s top place in my top 5 for 2013.

Star Craft 2: Heart of the Swarm

2. Crysis 3

Well as a PC player this one is a must have. PC gamers are weird creatures – we are the only population of gamers actively looking to break their systems by maxing out crazy games like Crysis 3. After seeing the recommended specs for the highest settings on this game I’m more excited than ever. Benchmarking my PC will become my new favourite pastime. Oh, and of course the game looks like its set to be an incredible experience too. A mix of both tropical and urban jungle has had my interest from day one. The silver badge is well earned.

Crysis 3

3. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (The Phantom Pain?)

So this one is not a PC game, but I do still want it. I’ve been a huge MGS fan since the first MGS on PS1 (I’m aware that isn’t the first EVER game though, don’t lunge for me in the comments just yet) The reveal of that Phantom Pain trailer has got me all nerdspasmed and raring to go. The two games simply have to be linked – the whole thing stank of Kojima. Even if not and these are indeed two separate games, The Phantom Pain’s trailer was enough to get it into the top 5 alone. So I partly cheat here. If they are one game then MGS: Ground Zeroes gets my third prize, if not, I tie the two games in third place!

4. Dark Souls 2

This is on everybody’s top 5, it has to be, the first game is so phenomenal that it would be a crime not to have it on the top 5 of every gamers list. From the trailer this game looks like it is going to be absolutely fantastic, with more of the same atmospheric brilliance, punishing gameplay and mysterious and obviously dark themes. A definite top game for 2013

5. Company of Heroes 2

Finally, Relic Studio’s Company of Heroes 2. After experiencing CoH2 first hand, I am certainly prepared to put this in my top five games to watch for in 2013. The great visual styles mixed with the incredibly tactical gameplay have made this a must have for me. The second of the RTS games on my list, but a vastly different experience. Find more information on this title by clicking here.


My top five anticipated games of 2013 may not be the most obvious for all, but there is a bunch more that almost made the cut. Games like Dead Space 3 and Bioshock: Infinite narrowly missed the cut but they are still great games to keep an eye out for. So what is your top five for 2013? Let me know in the comments below!

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