Phones4U Xbox One Tour

Phones4U Xbox One Tour


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Thanks to the kind folks down at Phones4U, team Z1G had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the Xbox One launch line-up in the week of its launch. After heading to central Manchester, a dimly lit cave of luminous-green wonder awaited us, as we tucked into some of the newest treats on the market.

The line-up of games that have ushered in the new console has just about every angle covered. And so in an effort to better understand the latest box’s flavour of play, we played ALL THE GAMES!


Forza 5


The most impressive of the exclusive Xbox One titles, this racing simulator is a creature of precise execution. Maintaining a great balance between depth and accessibility, it’s clear to see that Forza 5 is an automotive treat everyone can enjoy. It’s also a great exhibition of the new hardware’s ability, meaning this beautifully rendered racer is set to have you conjuring up skid marks – of the good variation – for a long time to come.


Ryse: Son of Rome


As ancient Roman murder goes, this excessively violent stab-a-thon is the most polished effort yet. Son of Rome is the kind of aesthetically astonishing, admittedly superficial, experience that’s great to show off the power of your shiny new box. The combat is solid if not a little repetitive, but it’s not enough to stop this being good fun.


Dead Rising 3


To say it’s exactly what it says on the tin might be doing a disservice to this Z-flavoured genocide show, but in the best possible way, it is. A bigger, even brasher iteration of the much-loved zombie executioner, Dead Rising 3 is a welcomed slice of comic relief to an otherwise super-serious line up. Its brand of weapon creation and endless slaughter may not be the most original of concepts, but it sure is entertaining.




The latest and greatest iteration of the annualised football game hides enough improvements under its shorts to make last year’s effort look like a Titus Bramble free kick –  the jump up is THAT noticeable. The fluidity of movement and transfer of momentum makes 2014’s football king feel so close to the real thing, you’d need a ticket to get closer.


Call of Duty: Ghosts


The all-conquering series of shooting games has taken the step up to next generation platforms. Blasting your way through this year’s shooting gallery is the most fun the annual title has been in years, and although the differences between the current-gen and next-gen models are purely superficial (runs natively at 720p on Xbox One) this is a great excuse to revisit the slickest shooter on the block.


Battlefield 4


The shooter of choice for gun-nuts of the collaborative inclination, this massively multiplayer focussed shooter is another story of an increase in visual fidelity – and that’s no bad thing. Dishing out its massively varied brand of death-filled entertainment, Battlefield is the experience you know and love but with even more polygons. Mmmmm Polygons.

Killer Instinct


Up for a scrap? Why not vent your aggression using a blue man-wolf? It seems only logical. This brawling bonanza is a classic formula garnished with some next gen jazz. An attractive colour pallet, mixed with some classic characters and a sharp control scheme means you need look no further for some man-wolf-infused punch-ups.

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