DEAL ALERT! – Dead Island Definitive Edition upgrade for £1.80 on steam

Looking for a juicy, zombie brain coated deal?

Then look no further!

Currently on Steam, you can pre-purchase the upcoming Dead Island Definitive Edition that comes with a copy of the original Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Both games have been updated to include : ” Improved graphics, game models and a photo realistic lighting system with physically based shading”.

Now, the collection is going for £24.99 but you’ll find that if you own either of the games already on Steam then you can upgrade to the definitive edition of that game for just £1.80, and a little birdie told me that on you can purchase a code for those games for around the £2.50 mark. Meaning you can grab either of the games in their definite edition for less than a fiver!

I did this myself and just snatched myself Dead Island Riptide Definite Edition for that price and can confirm it’s ready and waiting to be downloaded on release day of May 31st.

Enjoy fellow deal hunters!


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