Grand Theft Auto V: Collectors Edition

The retail gaming market is full of special edition titles. Many games profess to have true individuality within their latest big-bucks exclusive box, but rarely is this promise met. Spending an extra five-pounds for an additional in-game rocket launcher just doesn’t sit right with me. So when something claims to be special, as a collector and a colossal nerd, I need something tangible that truly feels unique and therefore warrants my decision to upgrade.

For those amongst you who have a similar inclination, why not try the Grand Theft Auto V: Collectors Edition, to which there can be no question if there’s a substantial upgrade in product.

Retailing at around £120, (Yes, really.) this snazzy piece of exclusive goodness irradiates class in every way. For your hard earned money, you’ll receive:

  • An external and internal box
  • Several pieces of in-game DLC for both on and offline
  • A Lockable deposit bag & branded key
  • A Blueprint map
  • A Steelbook case and copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • A New Era branded ‘Los Santos’ snap-back


All of the content featured is of the same quality and craft that the game boasts and it’s thoroughly clear that real time and care has been given to ensuring that this is a worthy edition of a great game. So for those who like to be part of an exclusive club – but don’t mind paying a fair old wedge to get there – this is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

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