World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

Did you know that there is a Video Game Hall of Fame? Cause there is and they’ve announced the finalists for their 2017 class. Since 2015, when such games as Super Mario Brothers, PAC MAN, and (sigh) World of Warcraft were inducted, every year another six games joined the ranks of the most important video games of all times.

This year’s nominees are:

Donkey Kong

Final Fantasy VII

Halo: Combat Evolved

Microsoft Windows Solitaire

Mortal Kombat


Pokemon Red and Green (or Blue in the West)


Resident Evil

Street Fighter II

Tomb Raider

Wii Sports

As gamers, I think we’ve all got opinions on who should be on that list. You can argue whether Solitaire is so much a game as tool to teach you how to use the mouse. You can argue whether Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II had more influence on the fighting game genre. Personally, I’d prefer to see GoldenEye nominated before anything Halo, but that might just be the old school gamer in me. Heck, I would also throw Chrono Trigger in there ahead of Final Fantasy VII, but I might be a bit biased on that front.

Still, it is tough to doubt the importance of games like Donkey Kong or Pokemon, and Portal definitely broke new ground in the way that game developers procrastinate (seriously, are we ever getting another Half Life game?) so there is a lot to be said about the games on this list. 

The important question, of course, is what do you think should be included in this year’s list?

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