Author: Jake Elsasser

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Bioshock Infinite: Ending Explained

Bioshock Infinite has already been praised by numerous critics as one of the best games of this generation. Our own review of the game (which I suggest you check out here) praised the deep story, characters, and gameplay mechanics as key components that will be looked back at in gaming history. However, there is one piece of the game that some critics and fans have found frustrating and complex, and that is the fact that Infinite’s last half hour has an overwhelming amount of information in it. Fortunately for you, that’s why we’re here today. To explain the ending of Bioshock Infinite in a (hopefully) simple manner.

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Playstation Plus: Getting the Most Out of PSN

Playstation Plus is a premium service that was launched by Sony in June of 2010. By now you’ve certainly heard of it, but questioned it’s worth. Without plus, you’re still able to play games, chat with friends, and buy things online through the Playstation Network. So why is it such a big deal? Because everything that you get with PS+ will make things easier, cheaper, and better for you as a Playstation consumer. Read more …


Dead Space 3 Review

It has been a rough couple of years for the survival horror genre. We’ve seen Resident Evil cross over into the action genre, Silent Hill become an unappealing mess, and it is difficult to find a AAA title that still stays true to the survival-horror roots. Dead Space changed that with its amazing gameplay mechanics, solid story, original art design, and brilliance of the scare masters over at Visceral Games. The story was made much better in the sequel, and they managed to include a few action set pieces, without taking away from the survival of the game. Unfortunately, Dead Space 3 falls short of its predecessors. While it thrives as an action game with a strong combat, co-op, and a new weapon crafting system, it ultimately falls short as a survival horror game.

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DmC: Devil May Cry – Second Opinion

Following Kimo’s review of the rebooted Devil May Cry game a few weeks ago, you can find that here, I decided I wanted to give my opinion of the Capcom title:

When UK-based game developer Ninja Theory announced that they would be releasing a reboot of the Devil May Cry series, fans were very sceptical  With good reason, too. Their beloved action hero being re imagined was a hard pill to swallow. With the removal of his iconic white hair, new punk garbs, and his age set back a few years, Dante’s redesign sparked anger and multiple arguments across the internet, with fans wondering why they would change something that was already a great thing. Read more …

Rapture 2


Before Bioshock, I was blind. I had been running through games for the sake of beating them, not really caring about the gameplay mechanics, the story, or really anything else. I simply played them because…well, they were fun. Then I was told to try this game. This one game that was so powerful, it forced me to care. It taught me that a videogame can be so much more than  a mindless thing to do, a story to complete, and a way to kill some time. It changed everything for me, and I appreciate it not just as a game, but as a work of art. Read more …