Author: Joseph Butler-Hartley


6 Best Games at E3 2015 So Far

This year’s E3 has had it’s up’s and plenty more downs (bow to the Hoop God, you pathetic mortals!) but there’s been plenty of thrilling games on show, and maybe it’s because of the contrast with last year’s dismal effort, but personally I’m satisfied. Among the numerous unveilings, showcases, hyperbole and ceiling cars, there were six games that particularly peaked my interest, and here they are.  Read more …

Darkest 3

Darkest Dungeon Early Access Review

From battling through Diablo II’s Den of Evil to clearing Kobolds out of Nashkel mines in Baldur’s Gate, I’ve spent an awful lot of time crawling through dungeons. However, I never stopped to consider the psychological impact that stumbling deeper into a subterranean stronghold stuffed with things that want to floss their teeth with intestines would have on a hero. Thank God for Darkest Dungeon for finally giving us a chance to explore this important issue. Read more …