Author: Joseph Butler-Hartley

Atlas Mugged 1

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged Review

The first episode of Tales from the Borderlands came along and blew us all away with its high-octane blend of Mad Max action scenes and typical Borderlands humour. It was superb and left us all pumped for the second episode. Unfortunately, the second episode took four months to arrive. Hey ho, it’s here now; but was it worth the wait? Read more …


Steam Addicts Anonymous

We have a lot of fun here at Z1G, but it’s time we addressed a serious issue that’s affecting PC gamers across the world. I’m talking, of course, about Steam Addiction, and the game hoarding that comes with it. According to completely verified and trustworthy statistics, 70% of the games in the average PC gamer’s library are unplayed. The first step towards solving a problem is admitting it, so JBH, Trent, Chris and Ed decided it was time to get their addictions under control by working through some of the unplayed games in their library, one at a time. Read more …