Author: Joseph Butler-Hartley


ArcheAge Closed Beta 4 Review

It’s a risky business starting up an MMO these days. With WoW still sitting pretty with its millions of subscribers, new MMOs tend to begin in a flourish and slowly decline, inevitably becoming free-to-play. Just look at Trion World’s last effort, Defiance. However, with ArcheAge, Trion have admirably shown some true ambition in their attempt to create the definitive MMO experience. Read more …

P.T. 1

Silent Hill(s) – The Mistakes of Your Youth

Following the release of ‘P.T’ a horror-themed ‘playable teaser’ involving skin-crawling psychological horror and painfully difficult puzzles, it was revealed that a brand new next-gen entry into the venerable Silent Hill series is on the way. Silent Hills is going to be the product of a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. How exciting! Read more …

Silent Hill(s) 6

P.T. Review (Silent Hills Teaser)

Hideo Kojima stole the show as Gamescom with P.T., an alleged demo for a first-person horror game on the Fox engine available for free on PSN that, once completed, revealed that Kojima and acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro would be working together on the new Silent Hill game, Silent Hills.

It was a deft move and set the internet ablaze. It turned out that ‘P.T.’ was a complete horror experience in itself and the teaser was an unconnected bonus for whoever managed to complete it. At around an hour or two in length, I’ve played and reviewed shorter horror games (Saturn 9 comes to mind). Read more …