Author: Joseph Butler-Hartley

Grim 5

Grim Fandango Remastered Review

In a past editorial, I riled against the fact that most video game developers seem to consider ‘story’ to be one of the least important factors of a game. However, back in the 90s when adventure games were riding high, games were valued on the strength of their narratives, and few have been as acclaimed as Grim Fandango, which was recently remastered and released on PS4, PS Vita and Steam. Read more …

Chys 1

Life is Strange: Episode 1 – Chrysalis

After being awarded a scholarship to study photography at the exclusive Blackwell Academy, jaded teen Max Caulfield (what a phony!) has an apocalyptic vision of her town being torn apart by a tornado made of glass. Soon after, she realises she has somehow gained the ability to rewind time. Try to picture what Sands of Time might be like if the prince were a teenage girl in the 21st century. That’s some imagination you have there. Read more …