Author: Michael Dalgleish


FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

It’s that time again. FIFA 17 has been out for a couple of months now and with it, a new year of floundering around in Ultimate Team trying to amass a killer squad. I’ve been playing FIFA for years now and I see I lot of players making simply rectified mistakes that prevent them from being really successful. Hopefully with a few of these tips it will help you on the journey to footballing greatness. Read more …


Inside Review

It’s amazing to think it has been six long years since developers Playdead dropped Limbo onto the XBL marketplace. It may have lost some of it’s mystique seeing as it is now available via virtually any current gaming medium and has inspired a number of similar games but at the time it was seen as a groundbreaking puzzle platformer and one of a handful of games credited with helping Xbox Live Arcade really take off and kick off the rapid rise of indie downloadable games onto consoles. Playdead’s follow up, Inside, has therefore been on a lot of peoples radars since it was announced a couple of years ago and now finally it has seen the light of day. Read more …


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

Uncharted 4 feels like the culmination of all of Naughty Dog’s years of hard work with the franchise. Each game has improved on the last and A Thief’s End is no exception, easily topping my early list of game of the year contenders. It is not perfect, but the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of the game is admirable and anyone who owns a Playstation 4 owes it to themselves to see it through to completion. Read more …


Table Top Racing: World Tour

I loaded up Table Top Racing: World Tour, one of the free games with PS+ in May, in hopes of a nostalgic throwback to games like Micro Machines on the original Playstation or Mashed: Fully Loaded on the Playstation 2. After completing the single player campaign and dabbling in the multiplayer however, TTR does not live up the standard of the games that preceded it. Read more …


Backwards Compatibility Spotlight: Call of Duty: Black Ops

The original Black Ops is my favourite game the Call of Duty series. I know that is a bold statement and many people will likely point to either Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 as their favourites and I get the arguments for those games, or in fact, any of the games in the series. Except Ghosts, that was just straight up bad. But in my humble opinion, the original Black Ops had the best overall package between its campaign, multiplayer and zombies modes. Read more …


Quantum Break Review

Time is breaking, fracturing. Multiple timelines converging into one, bending the fabric of physics and causing untold destruction.

You are Jack Joyce, intimately tied to the two people that caused this to happen, brother to one, William Joyce and childhood friend of the other, Paul Serene. You are, by all accounts, a waste of potential. Outrunning anything and anyone that causes you to feel anything. That is, until Paul reaches out; he needs help with something. In all your years you have you never known Paul ask for anything. He is fiercely independent. This intrigues you, and before you know it you are drawn into a world you never wanted to be the saviour of. Read more …