Author: Tim Bowers

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

When it was known that the Castlevania series was to get a console reboot in 2010 the news was met with some dissent from fans. The series is a hugely acclaimed and much loved one, so the idea of it being ‘dumbed down’ for modern audiences was abhorrent to some. Thankfully though Konami, and the team at Mercury Steam took great lengths to ensure that the game not only met expectations, but also surpassed them.

Now we have the sequel to that success, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The game picks up shortly after the surprise ending to the original title. Gabriel Belmont is no more, all that remains of him is the Prince of Darkness, Dracula. He has survived for hundreds of years, and now lives in modern times, weak and hungry for release from his eternal life. Read more …


The PlayStation Vita is struggling. You know it, I know it, and Sony must know it. Since its release in 2012 it’s struggled to gain traction amongst consumers, either due to its initial high price, the decision to use expensive proprietary memory cards, or the lack of standout games, the device is unfortunately languishing, but at least it has the Wii U for company.

Things may be looking up for Sony’s little black handheld. It’s compatibility and cross-platform functions with the PlayStation 4 are being touted left, right and centre, and finally we have the one thing that we’ve really need, the must buy game. A game that makes sure of the Vita’s functions without feeling gimmicky, a game that looks and plays beautifully, and a game experience that you can’t get on another platform. That game is here, that game is Tearaway. Read more …

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review

Lego games are not exactly few and far between. For every major franchise of ‘Geekdom’ there is a Lego game; Lord of the Rings, Batman, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean all have Lego games, and now we can add the Marvel to the list, but with Lego Marvel Super Heroes creators Travellers’ Tales haven’t just given us a retelling of The Avengers, they have given us a story that covers nearly every corner of the Marvel universe, and managed to include more characters than you would ever have thought possible. Read more …

Montague’s Mount Interview

It’s fair to say that, amongst the indie crowd anyway, first person puzzlers are making a big comeback. Taking their lead from classic titles like Myst we’ve seen games like Gone Home, and the upcoming Esther One and Master Reboot. Now Montague’s Mount steps up to join them.

Montague’s Mount is an atmospheric first person puzzler, set on an island in Ireland. Your character wakes up on the island following a shipwreck, and you’ll have to find out what happened and what the island has hidden before you can leave.

At the Eurogamer Expo I caught up with Matt Clifton from Polypusher Studios who is the developer for this wonderfully dark game. Read more …

Master Reboot Interview

There is a quote by American Poet Audre Lorde that could be used to sum up the gaming industry in 2013, ‘There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them’.

And while in some respects it is true, it’s certainly not meant as a negative as it’s often these new ways of making a game that can feel like something new entirely.

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo it was the Indie Arcade that held the most interesting new ways of making games. One of them that caught my eye was ‘Master Reboot’ by Wales Interactive. I managed to grab Dai Banner, Managing Director, and Rich Pring, Technical Director, for a chat about the game, the company, and how they have found working with PlayStation. Read more …

Bossa Studios Interview

Bossa Studios is a name that people might not have been that familiar with this time last year, but then came Surgeon Simulator 2013. At this years Eurogamer Expo I caught up with Imre Jele, Creator-in-Chief and one of the Co-founders of the studio to ask how the last twelve months have been.

Geez that was a year ago?! Every year is just amazing, we were here with Monster Mind two years ago, last year was Merlin, and this year is Surgeon. The big shift for us was that we knew we wanted to make multiplayer and core games, and now we’re doing core games, we’re doing what we’re good at and we want to make games that are different and Surgeon is an example of that.

If you know your Bossa history then you’ll know that Surgeon Simulator 2013 was created by four guys from Bossa, Tom Jackson, Jack Good, Luke Williams and James Broadley during a 48 Hour Global Game Jam. Imre told me the feeling was that this “would never be made by any other publisher so we should totally make it”, but did they ever expect it to take off in the way that it has? Read more …