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What’s Next for Gaming?

Change is inevitable. While this can be unfortunate in some cases (as I detest change for change’s sake alone), it’s an inescapable fact. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of technology, which has seen such rapid acceleration of development over the past two decades that what we have in the palm of our hands today would seem like alien technology to the good folks of 1995.

I am now considering just how many of you reading this won’t be old enough to remember the year 1995.

Now, I am contemplating the number of you who weren’t even BORN in 1995 and I would like to cry a bit about it if that’s alright. Read more …


Care To Share?

One of the early selling points that Sony used to differentiate their new machine from the competition was it’s ‘innovative’ sharing functions. The features promised us that now, with the simple click of a button, your screenshots and videos would be whisked away by the internet fairies to be deposited on the social media outlet of your choice. More than a year on from launch, I had began to ask myself, does anyone actually care?

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Are Online-Only Games Ruining Gaming?

The World Wide Web has become a normal component of modern day life; we use it for social networking, videos, news, even gaming. Customarily, an Internet connection is established as an optional item to play games—usually allowing players to connect on servers to play against each other in multiplayer matches or together in cooperative experiences. However, recently a trend has appeared in the gaming world in the form of “Online Only” games. With these types of games it is mandatory to have the Internet to play the game at all—even in single player (if there even is one).

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Weight Loss Through Gaming

I used to be heavier than I currently am.  Then I lost weight and that was nice.  But a year later, I’ve put back on some weight and that’s not so good.  But it’s the New Year!  It’s practically required that I make some token gesture towards losing some extra pounds.  But while most people would do something silly like sign up for a gym membership or buy some jogging bottoms and trainers in bloody January, I am taking a much more sensible approach.

It’s the same approach that I took to lose the weight in the first place.

I am going to play games. Read more …