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2014 Predictions Recap (Hint: It Didn’t Go Well)

Traditionally the end of the year is a time for looking back at the year that’s been and reflecting on what was good and bad. However, it’s also a good time to look forward to the new year in prospect and ponder what we have to look forward to.


The Zero1gaming team did just that at the end of last year and we made a few predictions about the year to come.

So rather than just leave it at that I thought that  as we come to the end of 2014, now would be the perfect time to look up those old predictions and see how we did with our Nostradamus-like predictions for 2014…

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Honeymoon’s Over

A few months ago I finally joined the new-generation and splashed out on a PS4, along with Destiny and The Last Of Us Remastered. I’ve played those games a lot, too much perhaps, over the last several months. But I’ve found that with each passing week I’ve been looking over the fence at “the others” with mounting jealousy.

And by “the others” I don’t mean those individuals who chose Microsoft’s gargantuan monolith. I mean the brave, faithful, foresighted folks who signed up to “Next-Gen” early and picked up a Wii U. The clever bastards.

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Sad Games 7

6 Sad Video Games to Dampen Your Christmas

I was in the supermarket earlier in the week when I heard the latest Band Aid single. Christmas has officially begun, and I despair. For those of you who hate Christmas as much as I do, I’ve compiled a short list of sad games that will make even the jolliest of fat, hairy old men with sacks exclaim ‘Bah! Humbug!’. Here are six games that will pour some much-needed misery on your season of good will. Read more …

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DDoSing is Lame

It’s a sad fact of the world today that we are sometimes held hostage to the whims of the internet.  Go without it for more than a day and some of us will get sweaty palms and start freaking out about those missed emails and such.  It’s not so bad if you can access the web elsewhere, like at work or a library, but you’re still left with that gut feeling of disconnection when you’re sat at home.

Of course, it’s not so bad for me.  Most of the people I know that would want to get a hold of me can call or text me.  Plus, I have a back-catalogue of about a billion games that need no internet connection to while away the hours or days until my internet problems are resolved.  But there’s a different sort of hostage-taking that’s been rearing its ugly head again over the past few days.  One that denies you access, but on a very specific level.  I speak of the spectre that is the DDoS. Read more …

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Trent’s Musical Adventure – Part Two

Picture the inside of the Royal Albert Hall in London, home of second largest pipe organ in Europe and a venue that has played hosts to the finest operas and symphonies in existence today. You sit down and watch the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra enter, followed by the London Voices, one of the best vocal groups in the country. The lights dim and a tense number plays, complete with ominous Latin music from the chorus. Suddenly, however, you pick up a single word from the singers, a word that feels so out of place in this beautiful and storied venue.

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