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Convenience vs Effort

Over this past weekend, as I was resting to recover from some sort of super-asthma, I experienced a rare and magical event.  I wanted to play a specific game, but was unable to.  Part of this was due to my inability to sit upright for more than half an hour without wheezing like… well, like an asthmatic.  But the root cause was that I was simply unable to find the bloody thing.  I will warn you now: this article wanders all over the place.  Is it a bare-bones review?  Is it an anecdote?  Is there even a point?  The answer to all of these questions is yes, but by jove do I take the scenic route. Read more …

Featured - FFXIV

Atma Wits End

While this article specifically references Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I’d consider it applicable to anyone who’s ever played an MMO before.  To anyone who has ever had to grind for something in any sort of RPG.  I’m not going to lie to you, though: this is going to be dry reading for most.  If you feel like enduring a rant, then read on, because this past week or so, I have come to an understanding of sorts with one of the more annoying aspects of this otherwise fantastic game.  Initially, I felt it completely unfair, but as time has progressed, my views have changed somewhat.  Let me talk to you about Atma. Read more …


How To Build A successful Arcade

We all have our own happy memories of time spent in an arcade. When once so prevalent, they’re now confined to seaside towns, motorway service stations and the garages and basements of the congenitally nerdy. They’re a shadow of their former selves; slowly dying away under an ever increasing mound of ‘£2.00 a go’ signs and Dance Central machines. The death knell for the amusement arcade has in no small part been brought about by the rise of the smart phone and the convenience of app based gaming. Why bother going out for steak when you can have a slightly smaller steak at home? So we sit at home, staring at tiny screens and eating Doritio’s whilst House of the Dead and Time Crisis 3 are left with no one to entertain except the occasion northerner who’s stopped off at South Mimms for a poo on his way home from a plumbing convention. It’s sad, it’s not right, and someone needs to do something about it. Due to a lack of funds it’s unlikely to be me, however I will provide someone with the blueprint on how to build a successful amusement arcade and get rich bringing joy to the world. Read more …