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Sebastian Young Tinkers With His Bits


The Newbies Guide to PC Building Part 2

In Part 1 of this guide we looked at all the essential components you need to gather in order to build your own gaming computer. Is this article, I’ll talk you through the process of putting all those different parts together in the hope of ending up with a working PC.

Experienced PC builders will likely scoff at some of my methodology but, just like my target audience, I’m a complete noob at this myself. But for any doubters out there, here’s a spoiler – after a 5 hour build, the finished computer actually works! Read more …


Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Gems you may have missed

As I’m sure all of you Xbox One owners out there are aware, with the new Xbox experience at the end of last year came the introduction of backwards compatibility so you can play you old Xbox 360 games through your new console. Of the current games to have been added to the programme there are some genuine ‘Triple A’ titles; Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed II, DiRT 3, Borderlands and others. However there are a few hidden gems in there that for varying reasons didn’t pick up the following they deserved when they first launched. Here are my personal selections of games I highly recommend if you missed them before.

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Sebastian Young Has A Huge Rig!


The Newbies Guide to PC Building Part 1


Ok so, full disclosure, it’s not that huge. Actually, it’s pretty tiny. But as they say it’s not the size that matters but rather the, erm, speed your clock runs at…?

Anyway, before I get too carried away with the innuendo, these articles chronicle my attempt to build my first gaming PC. It’s meant as a point of reference for complete noobs; for those who have given some thought to diving into the world of PC gaming, but have shied away at the last minute. Read more …


Gaming Fail – Pressman Speedboard

The games industry has provided us with some pretty amazing stuff over the years. From gaming-on-the-go convenience of the Gameboy to the frankly all-out witchcraft of the Wii controller, gaming has conspired to inspire and amaze the public with newer and fancier technology that has pushed the boundaries of what we perceive as viable or even possible.

As part of this, gaming peripherals have been rife; from basic controllers with an extra turbo button, to full on controller systems for flight or driving games; niches have been identified and filled expertly. Read more …


Playing the Field: Why I Have Switched to PES 2016 from FIFA

Back in the day, in the long forgotten times of the original Playstation, I got a small little game called International Superstar Soccer ’98 (ISS Pro 98). From that day a long relationship with Konami football games blossomed which lasted for about twelve years. Then, one fateful day in 2010, there was a messy break up which led to me swapping to FIFA. I can’t remember exactly what caused the switch, it was likely a combination of dip in form from Konami, EA raising its game and the peer pressure of my then flatmate who pestered me for months, convinced the latter was better.

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