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It has become fashionable now for horror games to have no combat, or at least very little. I suppose it makes sense. For example, in DreadOut, the protagonist is a petite Indonesian school girl. The thought of her engaging rambling monstrosities in hand-to-hand combat is a little ludicrous. Read more …

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Among the Sleep

The protagonists in horror games are often under-powered individuals, with the scare factor emanating from the fact that these everyday weaklings have to face off against fearsome foes. Well, Krillbite Studio’s went for the jugular when they made the protagonist of their first-person horror game, Among the Sleep, a toddler. Read more …

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The Wind of Change

Back in the day, I owned a GameCube. I still do, in fact, though it’s currently not connected to my television. My Wii has long since replaced it and my little black box resides in a place of honour in my gaming cupboard. One of the games I played a lot for my GameCube was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This was because, a few years ago, I had played and loved Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on my N64, which is also in my cupboard. Despite never owning a SNES, I’d also played and loved A Link to the Past on my cousin’s console, which was where my love of Zelda originated.

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Diary of an Online Virgin – Part 3 – Battlefield Chronicles

As regular readers will be aware, I have been recounting my foray into the world of online gaming in my Diary of an Online Virgin series. I explained my history of online gaming, which was both unpleasant and short. Back in the days of Quake 2 and Delta Force I fired up my dial-up modem and dipped my toe into the multiplayer waters, which promptly resulted in the toe being shot off… repeatedly… while being subjected to a lot of verbal abuse. However, recently I once again took the plunge into the online world, after a hiatus of over a decade; joining some friends on Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360.

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