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Backwards Compatibility Spotlight: Call of Duty: Black Ops

The original Black Ops is my favourite game the Call of Duty series. I know that is a bold statement and many people will likely point to either Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 as their favourites and I get the arguments for those games, or in fact, any of the games in the series. Except Ghosts, that was just straight up bad. But in my humble opinion, the original Black Ops had the best overall package between its campaign, multiplayer and zombies modes. Read more …


Backwards Compatible Spotlight: Braid

In this new regular feature I will be highlighting older generation games that can be played on current generation consoles. This could be either games via the PS Now subscription service, the recently released PS2 games upscaled for Playstation 4 or games for Xbox 360 that are available on Xbox One via their backwards compatibility system. In this first article, we will be focusing on Braid, an Xbox 360 indie game released way back in 2008. Read more …


Gaming Fail – Pressman Speedboard

The games industry has provided us with some pretty amazing stuff over the years. From gaming-on-the-go convenience of the Gameboy to the frankly all-out witchcraft of the Wii controller, gaming has conspired to inspire and amaze the public with newer and fancier technology that has pushed the boundaries of what we perceive as viable or even possible.

As part of this, gaming peripherals have been rife; from basic controllers with an extra turbo button, to full on controller systems for flight or driving games; niches have been identified and filled expertly. Read more …


Playing the Field: Why I Have Switched to PES 2016 from FIFA

Back in the day, in the long forgotten times of the original Playstation, I got a small little game called International Superstar Soccer ’98 (ISS Pro 98). From that day a long relationship with Konami football games blossomed which lasted for about twelve years. Then, one fateful day in 2010, there was a messy break up which led to me swapping to FIFA. I can’t remember exactly what caused the switch, it was likely a combination of dip in form from Konami, EA raising its game and the peer pressure of my then flatmate who pestered me for months, convinced the latter was better.

Read more …


Fallout 4… Fallout Never Changes…(Except When It Does)

Ah Fallout my old friend. It’s been far too long!

Fallout and I go way, way back. The original Interplay title in the series was one of my formative gaming experience, when I used to have a go in the world when my dad wasn’t on it. In many ways, Fallout and its successor, Fallout 2, are a large part of the reason I’m here typing this at the moment. Read more …