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Suikoden I and II Coming to EU PSN

Every day I wake up and remember that I can’t buy The Legend of Dragoon – one of the finest RPGs on the original PlayStation – from the PlayStation Store, I feel sad. Sad for the company that steadfastly refuses to take my money. Because I would buy it, no questions asked, without the slightest hesitation. That game was awesome and, even though I own it in its original format, I would still like the security that comes from owning it in a digital format.

I know that in these days of services being stopped and consoles lacking backwards compatibility, digital is far from a certainty. But at least downloads aren’t subject to bit rot or the necessity of physical storage space. Room in my room is at a premium.

So my emotions were doing backflips late last week when I discovered that masterpieces of JRPG Suikoden and Suikoden II were coming to Vita… but only in the US. Konami why. Konami please. Luckily, they seem to have listened to my plaintive wails (or rather, the collective wails of EU masses). Read more …

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Halo 2 Retrospective

In light of the release of The Master Chief Collection, I wanted to take the time to appreciate the main focus of the collection Halo: 2 and celebrate what an amazing feat it is that the game is still such an enjoyable experience ten years later.

For those not entirely clued up about The MCC, this year marks the ten year anniversary of Halo: 2, and so 343 industries took the opportunity to re-release all of the numbered Halo games. This means Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo: 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4 all in one package and all bumped up to 1080p and 60fps. Nice. Read more …