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Gaming Fail – Wii Car Power

As part of my Gaming Fail series I’ve touched on a great many terrible things from the world of video games. I’ve covered games that’re designed to be ‘played’ as little as possible; I’ve covered accessories that don’t actually work and I’ve covered a peripheral that you operate by the use of your eyebrows. What I haven’t covered thus far, however, is something quite as down-right baffling and wrong as today’s offering:

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Kinect – I Trusted You!

When I first heard about it, I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who thought that Project Natal would be the biggest thing to happen to the gaming since the birth of the current generation of consoles. Rumours were flying around about its capabilities; voice commands, pop up keyboards, being able to tell what sort of mood you’re in, this was the future. I should explain, I have a very rigid and opinionated view on what I consider to be the future and what is just a gadget. For example, The Kindle is the future, because it is a giant leap forward that an entire library of books can be stored on something that fits in your (admittedly oversized) pocket. The smart phone however is a gadget; it’s tacking extra functionality on to pre-existing technology. That isn’t to say that this is a bad thing; without my HTC my life would grind to a shuddering and tearful halt whilst my Kindle sits on its now empty bookshelf gathering dust. Read more …


Gaming Fail – Final Fantasy XIII

Across every genre of entertainment there are specific titles or releases that become synonymous with failure, that in the eyes of fans and critics alike embody the worst that the genre has to offer. They become the universal butt of any joke in that medium, the yardstick against which every other poorly-received release is measured. Movies have Highlander 2: The Quickening, for example. So derided is that film that its spawned a number of fan-edited remakes to try and salvage it.

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