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Mike Bithell Interview

Hurtling into the spotlight after the success of block-based adventure Thomas Was Alone, developer Mike Bithell now has the inescapably challenging task of the difficult second album. For fans of the aforementioned PSN title, there is seemingly little to fear however, as Bithell’s latest title Volume looks every inch the title we’ve been waiting for. Read more …


Montague’s Mount Interview

It’s fair to say that, amongst the indie crowd anyway, first person puzzlers are making a big comeback. Taking their lead from classic titles like Myst we’ve seen games like Gone Home, and the upcoming Esther One and Master Reboot. Now Montague’s Mount steps up to join them.

Montague’s Mount is an atmospheric first person puzzler, set on an island in Ireland. Your character wakes up on the island following a shipwreck, and you’ll have to find out what happened and what the island has hidden before you can leave.

At the Eurogamer Expo I caught up with Matt Clifton from Polypusher Studios who is the developer for this wonderfully dark game. Read more …


Watch Dogs Interview

If E3 were a ship then it would be one filled with holes, try as they might most developers and publishers cannot keep a secret leaking out in the days or hours before their press conferences, no matter how hard they try. At E3 in 2012 though Ubisoft managed to surprise everyone when out of nowhere they announced Watch Dogs.

In the roughly 16 months then since then Watch Dogs has generated a buzz that has grown and grown so much so that in the build up to this year’s Eurogamer Expo it was voted the most anticipated game of the year.

I sat down to interview Jonathan Morin, Watch Dogs Creative Director, to talk about this upcoming title, and the things we can expect, and how the past year and a half has been. Read more …


Master Reboot Interview

There is a quote by American Poet Audre Lorde that could be used to sum up the gaming industry in 2013, ‘There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them’.

And while in some respects it is true, it’s certainly not meant as a negative as it’s often these new ways of making a game that can feel like something new entirely.

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo it was the Indie Arcade that held the most interesting new ways of making games. One of them that caught my eye was ‘Master Reboot’ by Wales Interactive. I managed to grab Dai Banner, Managing Director, and Rich Pring, Technical Director, for a chat about the game, the company, and how they have found working with PlayStation. Read more …