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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Preview

In case you haven’t been keeping up, I love the Legend of Zelda series. However, even a long-time fan such as myself can admit that the games have grown increasingly stale over the years. With a formula that has largely unchanged since the 90s, there has been a growing sense of frustration among fans. True, there has seldom been a bad entry in the series, but how many times does Nintendo expect us to wander Hyrule, fight our way through a fire, water, and forest temple before wrestling control of the land from the Ganondorf. Heck, the series is so repetitive that, in Skyward Sword, the final boss was Ganondorf, despite the fact that the game took place generations before he was born. Read more …


The Solus Project Xbox One Game Preview

Please Note: The following is an early impressions article of The Solus Project, which is currently available on Xbox One and PC via game preview/ early access. The game is still in development with frequent updates and the final game is expected to launch sometime in Summer. As such any points made are representative of the game at its current stage of development as of the date of this article and do not necessarily reflect the final product. For more information on the game and to learn more about future updates please visit

The Solus Project is, as the name implies, a lonely game. The premise is familiar; it is the future, we irresponsible humans have ruined Earth to the point it is no longer hospitable. Therefore a reconnaissance crew is sent out to scour new planets in the hope of finding humanity a new home. You are sent to recon an uninhabited planet by the name of Gliese-6143-C when all of a sudden your ship gets hit by something and you crash land on the planets surface. Read more …


Unravel Hands-On Preview

It feels likes forever ago we were shown the first teaser trailer for developer Coldwood’s beautiful side-scrolling platformer Unravel and it’s immediately likeable lead character Yarny. In actuality it was only at E3 2015 that the game was announced but with the immediate interest in the game and the steady drip feed of new trailers since it feels like we have been waiting a lifetime. With the game due to release on February 9th, EA have released a trial of the first two levels of the game through its Xbox One service, EA Access. Thankfully it seems like the wait has been worth it as Unravel is shaping up to be one the best puzzle platformers of the current console generation. Read more …