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Featured - FFXIV


All I seem to write about these days is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.  Now, part of this is my fault: in the wide world of gaming, there has to be more to write about on any given day.  The trouble is that, for starters, a lot of it is less interesting to me.  Some of it is outright banal in comparison.  I don’t want to be that guy that posts uninteresting dross.  Yes, I realise the irony in this statement should you not give a toss about FFXIV.

The flip side of this coin is that there’s a lot I could write about, but choose not to.  I could rant for volumes on matters that very few people care about, or in some cases, very few people care about far too much.  In circumstances like this, I try to boil my viewpoint down to a more succinct statement where possible, so that if I feel utterly compelled to let loose my bile, it’s at least of a length unlikely to induce a coma.  Depending on the topic matter, this can be difficult, but not always. Read more …


War for the Overworld Beta

Sometimes, it is good to be bad.

I say this as someone who has gone through multiple playthroughs of games and still couldn’t bring myself to be a bad person in any of them. Mass Effect saw me as the pure paragon determined to unite the galaxy against the Reaper menace no matter what, Dragon Age cast me as the wise-cracking mage out to prove that there are good spellcasters in the world, and in Heavy Rain I was the distraught father who would do anything necessary to save his son. I am that guy who plays a paladin in Dungeons and Dragons and finds it easy to always do the right thing. I even prefer Superman to Batman – that’s how much of a goodie-goodie I am. Read more …


Warlords of Draenor BETA Impressions

With the latest expansion for Blizzard’s behmoth MMORPG beginning the long rumble towards release, Zero1gaming recently caught up with a long-serving World of Warcraft player who’s been in the BETA testing and asked him what he thought.

(Please be aware; the views contained below are those of one player and not necessarily those of Zero1gaming as a whole – so please consider that before flaming us if his views on WOW do not co-incide with yours!) Read more …

Elite: Dangerous - Preview - 5

Elite: Dangerous – Preview

Elite: Dangerous is here! Well, nearly. At the time of writing you can “pre-order” (or as a cynic may say you can buy your way into the beta) to have a bit of a play with things to see how the game is shaping up. When I first heard that David Braben was launching a Kickstarter to bring us a new version of Elite I was both excited and nervous. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The premise was simple; to do exactly what Elite has always done but with modern hardware. No flashy bells and whistles that we really don’t need, just the same breathtaking core gameplay brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century. So, how is it shaping up so far? Read more …