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EGX 2015 Hands On – Lumo

There was a heavy emphasis on the ‘indie’ megabooth at this year’s EGX. Named the ‘Rezzed Zone’ it was a bustling array of stalls boasting all types of games imaginable, everything from VR games to student ventures seeking attention for their most personal projects.

During a chat with Tyrone Walcott, the PR Manager of Rising Star Games, a publisher now well known for showing the smaller titles on Steam or console, I was introduced to Lumo. I was immediately assured that this was not an indie game, this was the work of Gareth Noyce under the quirky Developer name ‘Triple Eh?’. Noyce has a broad spectrum of experience in Videogames, working on titles including Crackdown 2, Too Human, and Fable 2, though Lumo is a much more personal project, one that clearly shows a lot of thought and attention.

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Virtual Reality Made Me Cry – Hands On With HTC Vive Powered By Steam VR

There is a myth surrounding one of the first ever films shown to the public. ‘L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat’ released in 1896 or, ‘Train Pulling into a Station’ as it is known in English, was supposed to be so new, so real, that as they watched a film showing a train moving towards the camera the audience panicked and frantically left their seats to escape the danger. After experiencing Steam’s Virtual Reality through the HTC Vive, I can safely say I believe this myth to be true, as during my twenty minute demonstration I felt an abundance of emotion that no entertainment experience had ever given me before.

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Destiny: Five Things I want from The Taken King

Destiny, Bungie’s divisive shooter-come-MMO, has been out nearly a year now and is a drastically different game than it was at launch. Two expansions and numerous patches later, the game is due to drop it’s biggest add-on yet in the form of The Taken King. As someone who plays Destiny in pretty much every spare moment I have, I’m not afraid to admit that I am counting down the days until September 15th when I can actually play it for myself. Until then, here are some things I desperately want to see from the new expansion.

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Tropico 5 PS4 Preview

Bienvenido el Presidente!

Kalypso’s long running Tropico series will soon be washing up on a golden, palm tree fringed beach called PS4, marking the first time one of the island-nation building games has come to casa de Playstation. I for one could not be more excited! Let’s take a little goosey gander shall we? Before I get started, take a peek at this video showing some of the PS4’s gameplay in action. I’ll be waiting for you…

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