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The Next Last of Us

Some of you may already be aware, but in case you were in any doubt, it’s Summer right now.  This means two irrefutable facts: the temperature is far too high and there aren’t enough games-related things happening to write about at the moment.  I don’t want to hear any of The two may possibly be related.  Now we have even longer to wait until this situation is resolved, since Dragon Age: Inquisition has been delayed for another month or so.  I can’t even remember another upcoming game, it’s so hot.

But games are still being released.  Later this week, us Brits are going to see the release of The Last of Us: Remastered.  I loved the original and this souped-up version looks absolutely amazing, but I’m not going to be buying it. Read more …

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In Verbis Virtus Preview

I’m not usually one for gimmicks in my gaming. Most of the time the game suffers as the developers try to shoehorn whatever neat trick they’ve managed to create into places it isn’t meant to be, like when Nintendo forced me to play the harp in Skyward Sword just to show how super neat their Wii Motion Plus controller was. It slowed down the pace and became a mini-game that nearly cost me a TV, controller, and my sanity. Read more …

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Endless Legend – Preview

I have always really enjoyed the Civilization series, dating back to my first encounter with it in Civ 3 and straight through to today. It is the series that has eaten up the most hours of my life as I take my humble nation and gather my resources slowly but surely until I can poke Ghandi with a stick to the point where he declares war on me and I am able to wipe him and his people off the face of the Earth.

Read more …