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J Stars Victory VS + English Release Preview

It seems like only yesterday I was talking about my undying love of anime. The over the top action. The occasionally insulting fan service. The plots that don’t give two red cents if you understand them or not. I’m a fan of all of it because, most of the time, anime doesn’t care about pulling its punches. Sometimes literally, when you get into the Shonen style animes that are the subject of upcoming fighting game J-Stars Victory VS+. Which, if you shout it loud enough, sounds like an attack from some animes so it is oddly appropriate. Read more …


Dragonball Xenoverse Preview

There are certain things that I have been waiting for in unbridled anticipation for many years now. The opportunity to wander into a lab experiment and gain superpowers. The inevitable moment when I abuse said superpowers for either personal gain or practical jokes. That moment of realisation that I have become a supervillain and, actually, I’m okay with that. But there is something that I’ve been waiting for even longer than all that: the chance to play an original and new story in a Dragonball Z video game.

One of these things will be coming to pass next month. I will give you a moment to decide which one. Read more …

Featured - MMO

Goat MMO Simulator

Since the 24th of October, we’ve known that there was a patch coming for Coffee Stain Studios’ hit game-come-broken-pile-of-what, Goat Simulator.  It is not until these last couple of days, however, that we have borne witness to the true extent of its majesty.  Its splendour.  Ladies, gentlemen and everything in-between, we are getting a Goat MMO Simulator.

They should have sent a poet. Read more …

Featured - Trove

Trove First Impressions

It’s about time I wrote something, isn’t it?  Get something out before the furore of Dragon Age and Far Cry reviews when the world at large gets their hands on them.  Because while November is the busiest month for gaming we’ve seen for a while, there’s more than just the big name games coming out to play.

I was given the opportunity to review Trove as it was entering its open beta.  I will readily admit that my first impressions of the game were fairly neutral.  Among them were “Well this is basically Minecraft, isn’t it?” and “Why haven’t I heard anything about this game before?”.  Let’s look at those questions, in what I won’t be calling a review: since the game isn’t actually finished, that wouldn’t be fair.  Take everything you read with a pinch of salt, but read on if you’re keen to find out why this game gets a glowing recommendation. Read more …

Featured - FFXIV


All I seem to write about these days is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.  Now, part of this is my fault: in the wide world of gaming, there has to be more to write about on any given day.  The trouble is that, for starters, a lot of it is less interesting to me.  Some of it is outright banal in comparison.  I don’t want to be that guy that posts uninteresting dross.  Yes, I realise the irony in this statement should you not give a toss about FFXIV.

The flip side of this coin is that there’s a lot I could write about, but choose not to.  I could rant for volumes on matters that very few people care about, or in some cases, very few people care about far too much.  In circumstances like this, I try to boil my viewpoint down to a more succinct statement where possible, so that if I feel utterly compelled to let loose my bile, it’s at least of a length unlikely to induce a coma.  Depending on the topic matter, this can be difficult, but not always. Read more …


War for the Overworld Beta

Sometimes, it is good to be bad.

I say this as someone who has gone through multiple playthroughs of games and still couldn’t bring myself to be a bad person in any of them. Mass Effect saw me as the pure paragon determined to unite the galaxy against the Reaper menace no matter what, Dragon Age cast me as the wise-cracking mage out to prove that there are good spellcasters in the world, and in Heavy Rain I was the distraught father who would do anything necessary to save his son. I am that guy who plays a paladin in Dungeons and Dragons and finds it easy to always do the right thing. I even prefer Superman to Batman – that’s how much of a goodie-goodie I am. Read more …