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Pure Pool

When I was growing up, most of the time I should have spent at college, part time job and, later, university was spent playing snooker and pool. There was a particularly nice arrangement in my local pool hall when I was at uni where table time was a pound an hour between midnight and six in the morning, which was about all I could afford. This may have had some input on me dropping out of uni, but as many previous employers have told me it was time very much well spent. I therefore feel qualified to provide expert opinion on Pure Pool, the latest release from VooFoo Studios on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Read more …


Terraria Review Xbox One/Playstation 4

First of all, let me preface this review by stating that before my experience with the Xbox One version, I had never Terraria on any console or PC before. Therefore this review will be more about whether Terraria is a good game as opposed to whether it is worth reinvesting if you have played it before. With that said, lets move on.


It is hard not to look at Terraria and think it is a 2D version of Minecraft. No matter how hard you try the comparisons are too obvious. Lets face it, you use a combination of axe’s and pickaxes to mine for various resources which you in turn craft into new and better items to allow you dig deeper and build better stuff. So far, so familiar. However spend enough time with the game and you will appreciate the subtle differences that make Terraria well worth your time.

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Featured - Trove

Trove First Impressions

It’s about time I wrote something, isn’t it?  Get something out before the furore of Dragon Age and Far Cry reviews when the world at large gets their hands on them.  Because while November is the busiest month for gaming we’ve seen for a while, there’s more than just the big name games coming out to play.

I was given the opportunity to review Trove as it was entering its open beta.  I will readily admit that my first impressions of the game were fairly neutral.  Among them were “Well this is basically Minecraft, isn’t it?” and “Why haven’t I heard anything about this game before?”.  Let’s look at those questions, in what I won’t be calling a review: since the game isn’t actually finished, that wouldn’t be fair.  Take everything you read with a pinch of salt, but read on if you’re keen to find out why this game gets a glowing recommendation. Read more …