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Pinna – Unicycle for your nerves

Pinna – Unicycle for your nerves, is a free IOS and Android game created by Riku Tamminen. Going off of the name only, one could assume that this game is designed as a stress reliever; however, that is far from the truth. For it is Pinna that is the provider of stress. The game should be called Pinna – Unicycle that gets on your nerves. The jist of the game consists of balancing a unicycle as it travels as far as possible, earning a higher score being your ultimate goal each play through. Simple concept, frustratingly difficult execution.

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Three Fourths Home

Three Fourths Home is a PC visual short story game created by [bracket]games. The player takes on the role of Kelly, a young adult out of college living back at home with her parents and little brother in Nebraska. Three Fourths Home takes place as Kelly heads back home when a particularly intense storm hits. The entirety of the game occurs as Kelly is on her way home and focuses on the phone conversation she has during this time with her family, who are back at home.

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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” – Harriet Tubman

Symon is an experimental point-and-click online game about the power of dreams created by Gambit of the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab. Symon was also an Indie Game Challenge 2011 winner alongside games like Limbo and Inertia.

As I have mentioned, dreaming is the underlying theme of the game Symon. Starting the game we meet Symon. A man who has been in a hospital bed so long, he’s forgotten what the outside world looks like. Dreaming is his only release from the insanity that can occur due to overexposure to the sterile smell and constant beeping of his hospital room.

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