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Atlas Mugged 1

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged Review

The first episode of Tales from the Borderlands came along and blew us all away with its high-octane blend of Mad Max action scenes and typical Borderlands humour. It was superb and left us all pumped for the second episode. Unfortunately, the second episode took four months to arrive. Hey ho, it’s here now; but was it worth the wait? Read more …


Five Reasons To Be A PC Gamer

It has been two weeks now since I built my very first gaming rig. After months of research and years of anticipation I was finally in a position to join the PC master race, and it feels good.

In these weeks of tinkering with internals (hey now) and testing my new rig on various games and programs I have learned that there are many distinct advantages to PC gaming, in fact I have managed to narrow it down to five.

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Never Alone

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is a puzzle platformer that follows a young Iñupiat girl named Nuna and a white fox as they journey through Northern Alaska to find the source of the blizzard that has wreaked havoc on her home village. The game has both single and co-op capabilities as you play as either the girl or fox. I was unable to test out the co-op mode, but I imagine it would have made a few puzzles significantly simpler. Never Alone is similar to Limbo, in the sense that you complete tasks/puzzles through trial and error. Don’t be afraid when little Nuna or the cute little artic fox perish on a regular basis. Trust me, it is the only way to learn and there will be plenty more deaths to come. Read more …


Zombie Army Trilogy Review

The only good National Socialist is a dead National Socialist. Unless they’re the undead, in which case… Ah hell, there are no good National Socialists. But that being so, in Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy, we’re given the tools needed to balance that equation right out.

Originally released as DLC for Sniper Elite V2, ZAT delivers remastered versions of those two zombie blasters, as well as a brand new chunk of brains to splatter across walls. Set in an alternate reality where Hitler, the fat handed twat, instead of blowing his brains out in his Berlin bunker, initiates “Plan C”, releasing a undead horror upon a dilapidated Germany. With the country now full of zombified Nazis, it’s time to break out the old Springfield and head for home.

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Triple Bill 1

Horror Show Triple Bill – The Interview, Pregnancy & Hello? Hell…o?

In recent years, there has been a deluge of short indie horror games of fluctuating quality. Every now and then, something special rises to the top of this churning mass, like They Breathe or Home. However, for every interesting little game, there’s ten lazy rip-offs. With that in mind, here are three bitesize horror games for your delight and/or disgust. Read more …