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Featured - RIFT

RIFT Review – Part 3

It’s a terrible feeling, having a review hanging over your head.  Or perhaps a better term is “perched upon your shoulders” like some sort of raven, pecking at you every now and then.  A constant weight that is always reminding you to get it sorted.

It’s a stark contrast to its reason for being there.  I’ve been playing a lot of RIFT since my last two entries in my multi-part review.  I’ve been enjoying myself, because it brings back familiar memories of playing WoW back in Vanilla while being fresh enough to remain engaging and full of plenty of lore for me to feast upon.

The problem was that this article was meant to be describing my experience at high levels of RIFT, comparing it to my initial impressions and discussing how the gameplay changes as your skillset expands.  After over a month of play, however, I’ve not yet managed to accomplish this goal.  It took me a little while to realise that this needn’t be the burden I had imagined. Read more …

monitor or tv

Review – Sony KDL50W8 The Best Gaming TV Available Today?

I often dispute with my fellow gamers about my preference of gaming on a big screen TV instead of a monitor. After all it is a very important discussion as without a screen you can’t get very far no matter what game you play.

I see the advantage to using a monitor, it means you can get up close and personal and they are usually designed to handle motion well which is of course important, although I much prefer gaming on a colossal TV, relaxed on the sofa. Get a big enough TV and you get the same effect of playing with your face three inches from a monitor. Read more …


#IDARB Review

#IDARB (short for I Drew a Red Box) began life as a unique experiment on Twitter. The developer posted a picture of a red box, hence the name, and encouraged users to give him ideas on how to make said box into a game. How that managed to turn into a pixel art, futuristic basketball(ish) e-sport game is beyond me, but hey, that’s social media for you.


Watch a game of IDARB for the first time and you could be forgiven for wondering what the hell is going on. The basic premise of the game is that there are two teams of between one and four players each and a goal at either end of the arena. As per most sports points are awarded for getting the ball into the other team’s goal. Read more …

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare_20150118081011

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

We’re at that time of year where we’ve played through the games we got in the madness that was the holiday season and we’re now waiting, semi-patiently, for the big hitters of 2015 to land in our grubby mitts. So, while we’re waiting for Bloodbourne, The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4, what’s worth playing?

Well, I’m here to tell you that Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare on PS4 could be just the filler to plug that gaming gap of yours… so to speak. Is it a perfect game? No. But it is a very well designed and, most importantly, fun game to play. Let’s get started shall we?

Read more …