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Football Manager 2017

Right then, another year; another Football Manager release…

As seasoned veterans of the series will be aware, it’s very much been a case of evolution, rather than revolution, for a while with the Football Manager series and this year’s iteration is no different.

The short version is that this year’s experience is, at a base level, the same as you’ve had for the last few years. Functionally, the game plays the same as it has done for a long while now. The fundamentals remain at their solid, industry-leading standard and that’s a good thing. Read more …


Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa

Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa is an iOS and Android text-based game developed by Night School Studio, the creators of Oxenfree. Taking place during the first season of the award-winning show, Mr. Robot, Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa begins when you find a burner phone. That phone belongs to black hat hacker, Darlene,who desperately needs it back as it has essential information on it.

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Nintendo Knitting Machine

Gaming Fail – The Nintendo Knitting Machine

The games industry has provided us with some pretty amazing stuff over the years. From gaming-on-the-go convenience of the Gameboy to the frankly all-out witchcraft of the Wii controller, gaming has conspired to inspire and amaze the public with newer and fancier technology that has pushed the boundaries of what we perceive as viable or even possible.

As part of this, gaming peripherals have been rife; from basic controllers with an extra turbo button, to full on controller systems for flight or driving games; niches have been identified and filled expertly. Read more …


I have to what?! – Manual Samuel Review

Manual Samuel is a brilliant and infuriating idea, having to consciously regulate all your autonomous bodily functions. Samuel is a spoiled rich-kid, who has to survive for 24 hours controlling his entire body manually after being on the wrong end of a deal with Death! We’ve all had them moments when we start consciously thinking about blinking, or breathing for example. But imagine having to do that constantly, for an entire day, welcome to Manual Samuel.

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Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game, created by Double Fine Productions available on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile. It follows the story of two teenagers living in different worlds, each striving to break away from the customs that rule their everyday lives. It was this story idea that drew me into Broken Age in the first place. Thankfully, I am not disappointed by the overall narrative. At its heart it is a coming of age story about learning to be your own person regardless of what others think. Weaved within that idea is another story about two seemingly different worlds colliding and unlikely friendships. The entire game works like a play with an Act 1 and an Act 2 of gameplay. And may I just say the transition between the two acts, completely blindsided me. I had to take a moment, sit back, and think ‘Woah.’

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