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Five Reasons To Be A PC Gamer

It has been two weeks now since I built my very first gaming rig. After months of research and years of anticipation I was finally in a position to join the PC master race, and it feels good.

In these weeks of tinkering with internals (hey now) and testing my new rig on various games and programs I have learned that there are many distinct advantages to PC gaming, in fact I have managed to narrow it down to five.

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Metroid Prime Trilogy – Better For Not Being Another HD Remake.

When I saw on the January Nintendo Direct that amongst the new digital Wii ports announced for the Wii U was the Metroid Prime Trilogy I sat back down nearly as fast as I’d leapt up. Initially I was glad that we were going to be able to replay these classics without having to pay the ridiculous amount of money it costs to buy a physical copy of this rare Wii game on eBay. My happiness was rather marred though as I realised this meant we weren’t going to get the HD remaster of these games I had been hoping for. Yet after re-playing these timeless classics I’ve realised that actually they benefit from not being remade into something new, in that they retain that original Metroid Prime feeling.

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Weight Loss Through Gaming

I used to be heavier than I currently am.  Then I lost weight and that was nice.  But a year later, I’ve put back on some weight and that’s not so good.  But it’s the New Year!  It’s practically required that I make some token gesture towards losing some extra pounds.  But while most people would do something silly like sign up for a gym membership or buy some jogging bottoms and trainers in bloody January, I am taking a much more sensible approach.

It’s the same approach that I took to lose the weight in the first place.

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DuckTales Remastered

As I said in my preview for DuckTales Remastered, Retro/Nostalgia is in, over the past few months we’ve seen a truckload of remakes, remasters and reimaginings announced for those gamers who are old enough to remember certain titles the first time around.

The original DuckTales was released at the end of the 1980’s, when the Nintendo Entertainment System was King of the Home Consoles. It wasn’t simply a cheap cash in on a very popular TV series, the game was created by members of the same team that had worked on Mega Man, they loved the TV show and went to great lengths to ensure that the game they created was just as fun. The game has been rumoured for a HD upgrade for a number of years, but some, including myself thought it seemed like a tough sell without one of the best cartoon TV shows ever created to back it up. Thankfully I was wrong and earlier this year DuckTales Remastered was revealed. Read more …

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon

When writing games reviews the most important guiding principle is that you have to present an unbiased review for your readers to process and then make up their own mind about whether to purchase the subject of the review.

I like to try and stay close to that guideline as much as possible when writing, I try and cover pro’s and con’s with games and make sure that readers go away with the information they need to make a decision, however, with Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon I can’t do that.

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Okami HD

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big fan of all things Hideki Kamiya whether it was his days at Capcom, then Clover, now Platinum. He just seems to get it when it comes to video games, or maybe it’s just that my taste is similar to his. Whatever the reason may be I was pleased as punch when it was announced that those scumbags at Capcom were going to give an HD update to the magnificent Zelda-inspired adventure Okami so they could drain another 10 dollars from the ignorant masses including myself. I tried to play Okami at each of its releases on PS2 and Wii but either got distracted in the PS2’s case or despised the motion controls in the Wii’s. The HD release seemed right up my alley as I am so lazy that I’d rather spend 10 dollars on my ass than dust off the old PS2 and hook it up, plus the HD graphics look absolutely gorgeous and really bring out what was already a beautiful game. I wanted to do this review sooner but wee doggie is this game long, especially if you want to get everything. Not quite Final Fantasy/JRPG length which easily exceeds 100 hours, but well over 30 hours, minimum.

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