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DDoSing is Lame

It’s a sad fact of the world today that we are sometimes held hostage to the whims of the internet.  Go without it for more than a day and some of us will get sweaty palms and start freaking out about those missed emails and such.  It’s not so bad if you can access the web elsewhere, like at work or a library, but you’re still left with that gut feeling of disconnection when you’re sat at home.

Of course, it’s not so bad for me.  Most of the people I know that would want to get a hold of me can call or text me.  Plus, I have a back-catalogue of about a billion games that need no internet connection to while away the hours or days until my internet problems are resolved.  But there’s a different sort of hostage-taking that’s been rearing its ugly head again over the past few days.  One that denies you access, but on a very specific level.  I speak of the spectre that is the DDoS. Read more …

Featured - MMO

Goat MMO Simulator

Since the 24th of October, we’ve known that there was a patch coming for Coffee Stain Studios’ hit game-come-broken-pile-of-what, Goat Simulator.  It is not until these last couple of days, however, that we have borne witness to the true extent of its majesty.  Its splendour.  Ladies, gentlemen and everything in-between, we are getting a Goat MMO Simulator.

They should have sent a poet. Read more …

Featured - Trove

Trove First Impressions

It’s about time I wrote something, isn’t it?  Get something out before the furore of Dragon Age and Far Cry reviews when the world at large gets their hands on them.  Because while November is the busiest month for gaming we’ve seen for a while, there’s more than just the big name games coming out to play.

I was given the opportunity to review Trove as it was entering its open beta.  I will readily admit that my first impressions of the game were fairly neutral.  Among them were “Well this is basically Minecraft, isn’t it?” and “Why haven’t I heard anything about this game before?”.  Let’s look at those questions, in what I won’t be calling a review: since the game isn’t actually finished, that wouldn’t be fair.  Take everything you read with a pinch of salt, but read on if you’re keen to find out why this game gets a glowing recommendation. Read more …

Featured - FFXIV


All I seem to write about these days is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.  Now, part of this is my fault: in the wide world of gaming, there has to be more to write about on any given day.  The trouble is that, for starters, a lot of it is less interesting to me.  Some of it is outright banal in comparison.  I don’t want to be that guy that posts uninteresting dross.  Yes, I realise the irony in this statement should you not give a toss about FFXIV.

The flip side of this coin is that there’s a lot I could write about, but choose not to.  I could rant for volumes on matters that very few people care about, or in some cases, very few people care about far too much.  In circumstances like this, I try to boil my viewpoint down to a more succinct statement where possible, so that if I feel utterly compelled to let loose my bile, it’s at least of a length unlikely to induce a coma.  Depending on the topic matter, this can be difficult, but not always. Read more …

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Convenience vs Effort

Over this past weekend, as I was resting to recover from some sort of super-asthma, I experienced a rare and magical event.  I wanted to play a specific game, but was unable to.  Part of this was due to my inability to sit upright for more than half an hour without wheezing like… well, like an asthmatic.  But the root cause was that I was simply unable to find the bloody thing.  I will warn you now: this article wanders all over the place.  Is it a bare-bones review?  Is it an anecdote?  Is there even a point?  The answer to all of these questions is yes, but by jove do I take the scenic route. Read more …