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Featured - RIFT

RIFT Review – Part 2

RIFT, people.  RIFT.  Somewhat less than hot off the heels of my previous “introduction” article on this game, behold the greatly-anticipated second instalment.  We shall call it Part 2, because that is what it is.

It has become something of a habit of mine to underestimate things.  How long it takes to walk to work in Winter when the paths haven’t been gritted.  The length of time it will take to install those final Windows updates before leaving for the day.  In this case, it was how much of RIFT I’d have to play to get a decent idea of what the early levels were like.  This is an MMO unlike any other, yet at the same time it is immediately familiar in many ways.

Confused?  Excellent, so was I. Read more …

Featured - Suikoden

Suikoden I and II Coming to EU PSN

Every day I wake up and remember that I can’t buy The Legend of Dragoon – one of the finest RPGs on the original PlayStation – from the PlayStation Store, I feel sad. Sad for the company that steadfastly refuses to take my money. Because I would buy it, no questions asked, without the slightest hesitation. That game was awesome and, even though I own it in its original format, I would still like the security that comes from owning it in a digital format.

I know that in these days of services being stopped and consoles lacking backwards compatibility, digital is far from a certainty. But at least downloads aren’t subject to bit rot or the necessity of physical storage space. Room in my room is at a premium.

So my emotions were doing backflips late last week when I discovered that masterpieces of JRPG Suikoden and Suikoden II were coming to Vita… but only in the US. Konami why. Konami please. Luckily, they seem to have listened to my plaintive wails (or rather, the collective wails of EU masses). Read more …

Featured - RIFT

RIFT Review – Part 1

It is a defining feature of most, if not all MMOs, that the game is huge. In almost every sense. I remember that my WoW installation got to something silly like 30GB at one point, but it’s no longer on my computer, so I’m not sure what it is now. In terms of world size, lore, quest text, conversation, items – everything about an MMO screams of immensity. It’s only fitting that such a game would require an equally large investment of your time to gain an appreciation. First impressions are one thing, but to judge an MMO solely on that would be a disservice.

I got the chance recently to play RIFT, an MMO that’s been around for a little while, but has been flying under the radar for a bit. Since I was still playing WoW at the time when RIFT launched, I didn’t pay it much attention. It was certainly on my radar, but not something I could envisage playing at the same time as another MMO; I couldn’t afford a second subscription fee, for one thing. However, since moving to a F2P model in 2013, RIFT caught my eye once again. Read more …

Featured - Blue

DDoSing is Lame

It’s a sad fact of the world today that we are sometimes held hostage to the whims of the internet.  Go without it for more than a day and some of us will get sweaty palms and start freaking out about those missed emails and such.  It’s not so bad if you can access the web elsewhere, like at work or a library, but you’re still left with that gut feeling of disconnection when you’re sat at home.

Of course, it’s not so bad for me.  Most of the people I know that would want to get a hold of me can call or text me.  Plus, I have a back-catalogue of about a billion games that need no internet connection to while away the hours or days until my internet problems are resolved.  But there’s a different sort of hostage-taking that’s been rearing its ugly head again over the past few days.  One that denies you access, but on a very specific level.  I speak of the spectre that is the DDoS. Read more …

Featured - MMO

Goat MMO Simulator

Since the 24th of October, we’ve known that there was a patch coming for Coffee Stain Studios’ hit game-come-broken-pile-of-what, Goat Simulator.  It is not until these last couple of days, however, that we have borne witness to the true extent of its majesty.  Its splendour.  Ladies, gentlemen and everything in-between, we are getting a Goat MMO Simulator.

They should have sent a poet. Read more …