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What’s Next for Gaming?

Change is inevitable. While this can be unfortunate in some cases (as I detest change for change’s sake alone), it’s an inescapable fact. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of technology, which has seen such rapid acceleration of development over the past two decades that what we have in the palm of our hands today would seem like alien technology to the good folks of 1995.

I am now considering just how many of you reading this won’t be old enough to remember the year 1995.

Now, I am contemplating the number of you who weren’t even BORN in 1995 and I would like to cry a bit about it if that’s alright. Read more …

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

This review has been a long time coming.  By that, I mean I’ve put it off for far too long and it’s about time that I get something posted before my editors show up at the proverbial door with a metaphorical tire iron and some choice words regarding what constitutes “enough time”.

Just kidding.  They’re awesome and haven’t pressured me at all.  Which is good!  Because this delay was actually warranted.  The reasons are specific to me, but that doesn’t make them any less valid. Read more …

RIFT Review – Part 3

It’s a terrible feeling, having a review hanging over your head.  Or perhaps a better term is “perched upon your shoulders” like some sort of raven, pecking at you every now and then.  A constant weight that is always reminding you to get it sorted.

It’s a stark contrast to its reason for being there.  I’ve been playing a lot of RIFT since my last two entries in my multi-part review.  I’ve been enjoying myself, because it brings back familiar memories of playing WoW back in Vanilla while being fresh enough to remain engaging and full of plenty of lore for me to feast upon. Read more …

Weight Loss Through Gaming

I used to be heavier than I currently am.  Then I lost weight and that was nice.  But a year later, I’ve put back on some weight and that’s not so good.  But it’s the New Year!  It’s practically required that I make some token gesture towards losing some extra pounds.  But while most people would do something silly like sign up for a gym membership or buy some jogging bottoms and trainers in bloody January, I am taking a much more sensible approach.

It’s the same approach that I took to lose the weight in the first place.

I am going to play games. Read more …

RIFT Review – Part 2

RIFT, people.  RIFT.  Somewhat less than hot off the heels of my previous “introduction” article on this game, behold the greatly-anticipated second instalment.  We shall call it Part 2, because that is what it is.

It has become something of a habit of mine to underestimate things.  How long it takes to walk to work in Winter when the paths haven’t been gritted.  The length of time it will take to install those final Windows updates before leaving for the day.  In this case, it was how much of RIFT I’d have to play to get a decent idea of what the early levels were like.  This is an MMO unlike any other, yet at the same time it is immediately familiar in many ways.

Confused?  Excellent, so was I. Read more …

RIFT Review – Part 1

It is a defining feature of most, if not all MMOs, that the game is huge. In almost every sense. I remember that my WoW installation got to something silly like 30GB at one point, but it’s no longer on my computer, so I’m not sure what it is now. In terms of world size, lore, quest text, conversation, items – everything about an MMO screams of immensity. It’s only fitting that such a game would require an equally large investment of your time to gain an appreciation. First impressions are one thing, but to judge an MMO solely on that would be a disservice.

I got the chance recently to play RIFT, an MMO that’s been around for a little while, but has been flying under the radar for a bit. Since I was still playing WoW at the time when RIFT launched, I didn’t pay it much attention. It was certainly on my radar, but not something I could envisage playing at the same time as another MMO; I couldn’t afford a second subscription fee, for one thing. However, since moving to a F2P model in 2013, RIFT caught my eye once again. Read more …