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Interview – Rob O’Leary – Adventure Box

While attending EGX 2014 at Earl’s Court, London on Thursday 25th September 2014, I caught up with Rob O’Leary,CTO of Adventure Box

Rob took some time out from EGX to tell me all about his company’s upcoming title, Adventure Box, which just so happens to look pretty damn good.

Have a listen and see why we should be very excited about this little gem.


Football Manager 2015

I’ve been reviewing Football Manager games for a number of years now and most of the time they’re a bit of a dichotomy.

On one hand they’re usually pretty easy to review; I mean it’s not like they change is it? Add a slightly different skin, slightly nicer match graphics and, if we’re in a crazy year, add a new interview process or something. You liked it last year, you’ll like it now. Standard. Read more …


Wasteland 2 Review

It’s not often that I’ve had cause to review a Kickstarted game here on Zero1gaming, but with the crowd-funding movement becoming so prominent over recent years, there’s more than a few titles emerging from the site, so it’s about time I got on board.

Truth be told though, I’d have been all over today’s subject; Wasteland 2; like a tramp on chips whether it was kickstarted, big budget, indie-developed or even, gulp, taken over by EA!

Read more …


Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition Review

Released in July 2014, Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition, from Exor Studios is part of a growing trend of established PC titles being ported across, in various guises, to the new generation of consoles.

It makes sense really, from both the console manufacturer and the game developer’s perspectives. From the console manufacturer’s perspective, the title not only provides an additional entry in their release lists; demonstrating a greater raft of available titles to encourage prospective customers, but the game also has a proven track record of being viable commercially; it’s already sold units on another system. For the developers, it’s a no-brainer really; they can expand the available customer-base for their IP without having to make major changes. It replicates the sales avenue and projection of a new game, but without the trouble of actually having to produce a new game. For the gaming public it means they have a wider variety of games available to them on their expensive new console than they would otherwise have had.

Everybody wins right? Read more …