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Being one of the only huge Nintendophiles at Team Z1G, there are many occasions in which there are announcements and news that only I seem to get excited about (especially to the sort of level I mean). One of these occasions happened only a few days ago with the worldwide announcement of new Pokémon titles X and Y during an online news broadcast from Nintendo themselves called ‘Pokémon Direct’. Hosted by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, this broadcast operated in an almost-identical way to the stand Nintendo Direct broadcasts over the past year, with the sole difference that (opposed to the usual stance of different broadcasts for each region) Pokémon Direct aired in all regions simultaneously.

I’m not a huge fan of the Pokémon series, I must admit, but this has not stopped me buying at least one title in almost every generation so far (sadly excluding Gen III, otherwise known as Ruby and Sapphire). There is something that draws me to the games each and every time, which possibly relates to the fact that I am a mild kleptomaniac. I enjoy the prospect of trying to ‘Catch ‘Em All’, even though it is a feat I haven’t managed since Pokémon Red Version way back in the day. I do understand however, that catching 151 Pokémon was quite a lot easier than catching the 649 currently available, but this has never stopped me trying.


Welcome, to Pokémon in 3D!

With Generation VI, Pokémon steps into the 3D perspective and also finally makes the move to Nintendo’s 3DS, after three generations (technically) and multiple spin-offs being issued on the DS platform. This is the shift I am most glad of with the new titles. With all of the features that the 3DS has, such as StreetPass and SpotPass, it really does open up the series to a host of new ideas that just weren’t possible on the previous platform.

The most important fact, for most people, would be the creatures themselves, and The Pokémon Company have done excellent work here in my opinion. I love the designs of all three of the new starters and both of the legendary Pokémon. Almost to the point that this will be probably the hardest choice for me since choosing between the Red and Blue versions.I mean, I know that I will most likely go for the water-based starter Froakie (because, simply put, I always do), but I have no idea which version to purchase at this point.


Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin respectively.

I mean, both legendaries look amazing. X Version’s legendary being the majestic stag-looking Xerneas, and Y Version having the incredibly dragon-looking Yveltal. Before, with previous incarnations, picking the title has been down to looking at the legendary Pokémon in each one and picking the one I like the look of more. For instance, I picked Black in the last generation so I could use Reshiram. However, with both of them looking awesome this time, I am not sure which one I want more, and probably won’t know until I get a little more information on them. But, as always, it all boils down to personal preference.

Another point that they will need to address to fully pique my interest will be the story of the titles. Arguably, and also in my opinion, Black and White had the best story of any game in the entire series (including the originals). The struggle between an organisation that actually seemed credible and intimidating (Team Plasma), their well-meaning but slightly delusional leader (N), and yourself made for some genuinely good story twists. I would firmly welcome any step further in that direction, and it would make me love the games, as opposed to enjoy, then quickly become bored of.


The Two Legendary Pokémon

This is only the first snippets of information to be released about these titles, and I am already this excited. I feel very sorry for those I am living with closer to the time of release (which is October … worldwide). What about all of you out there? I know this isn’t breaking news or anything, but are you looking forward to Gen VI? And do you have a favourite starter? Let me know in the comments or @reubenmount on Twitter.

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  • LukeMitchell

    Just a brief correction. Generation IV is in fact Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. If you did indeed mean Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald then it was generation III. Luke.

    • reubenmount

      @LukeMitchell Thank you Luke, that was a huge over-sight that I clearly missed on the proof-read. It has now been corrected. Reuben.