How Many Times Should We Buy Consoles?

Gazing upon my console collection this morning, it struck me that I have purchased each of the consoles that I own (and several of the games) multiple times. Some of the purchases have been through necessity, others have been through desire to own more than one for LAN gaming. Unfortunately, I have also found myself forced to sell some of the consoles as I struggled for cash, only to purchase them again, or receive them as gifts.

It started when I realised that I have owned 3 versions of the original Microsoft Xbox console – in Black with large control pads, and the limited editions in transparent white plastic and green – for use while LAN gaming on the original Halo game with my friends. I had to utilise every TV set in the house (and borrow some) in order to make the most of the gaming set up. Looking back, it was totally worth it.

My latest repurchase has been a Sony Playstation 2, as I found myself with a desire to replay the Final Fantasy games from that era on that console (as Square Enix has delayed in delivering the HD remake of Final Fantasy X and is insistent on providing a third edition of the Final Fantasy XIII franchise), along with a couple of other forgotten gems from that era, including Quantic Dream‘s Fahrenheit (as reviewed by Kirsty here). I have had  a total of 3 Playstation 2 consoles, the original large one in black, a slimline silver one which I sold to a friend, and now a slimline black one for the retro gaming.

I am also currently on my third Xbox 360 console, the previous two having been sold due to financial reasons, and I just couldn’t justify selling my 1st edition Playstation 3 console (which was the only one released with backward compatibility). Now I am more financially stable, I have decked out my current Xbox 360 with a Kinect and a multitude of games, but my Playstation 3 has recently given up the ghost so I begrudgingly had to purchase a slimline model, and hence my need for a Playstation 2 again.

I have also owned 3 PSP’s (“phat” black, slim white and PSP Go), 2 Nintendo Wii’s (white and black) and 2 Nintendo DS’s (original silver, and slim white). I currently have no Nintendo consoles in my home, and only have a PSVita as my portable gaming device.

Although not all of these purchases have been from retail establishments, a good two thirds of them have been, and Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have made a profit (albeit small) from me purchasing their hardware, peripherals and software time and again. “Why?” you may ask, and the only answer I can give is that I am a gamer, and this is my only hobby, and my only vice.

So am I alone? Have any of you purchased a console more than once? I imagine there are a few of you purchasing new hardware due to faults like the RROD or the YLOD, but surely there are a few of you who have spent more money than is sensible on these devices of pleasure. I hope so, or I may be beyond hope by the time the next generation of consoles emerges.

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