FeeDog – Raising Puppies

FeeDog – Raising Puppies is an iOS and Android one button game developed by Q-Ssum Studio. FeeDog begins with adorable (“I just wanna dunk him in my coffee” adorable) dogs enjoying delicious treats outside. However, that does not last long as some nearby ghosts decide to ruin the fun by stealing the dogs’ food. Now it’s up to you to stop the ghosts from stealing any more food.

So how do you play? To keep it simple, you, a dog, eat the good foods and hit the bad. You hit away all the bad foods to not only protect yourself but also to injure the ghosts. This core gameplay is that of a one button game, however there are other aspects to FeeDog. Those include the ability to buy and raise puppies, purchase upgrades, and walk your dog.

While there are in-app purchases to get more currency, which has hindered my gameplay experience in other mobile games, FeeDog does not have that issue. I’ve never had to worry about purchasing currency. By simply playing you can gain plenty of currency and in turn keep your dog upgraded. And upgrading your dog is an essential part of the game. After every few levels, a boss ghost appears and without upgrading your dog it is practically impossible to continue to defeat those bosses, as the ghosts become stronger. Which makes the fact that you do not have to purchase currency in this game to upgrade very important. Another interesting feature is the way you can fuse your dog with one of the many puppies you can own. This allows you to have a bit more of an advantage when dealing with the ghosts.

FeeDog - Dog House

FeeDog is a game that can become very addicting very fast. The best strategy for this game? Focus. First off, you are the target of a variety of food whose speed increases as you progress. You have to quickly be able to determine if a food item is good or bad. Secondly, you have to defeat the ghosts by smacking them with the bad foods. But there’s a catch. Each ghost has a timer above their head and you have to deplete their health before the timer runs out. If you do not they will swoop down and attack you, effectively ending the level.

Once you’ve got the gist the levels seem endless as if the game goes on forever. This can leave someone, myself included, playing for long periods of time. While this is not a bad thing in terms of game design, it definitely feeds into my habits of procrastination.

In addition to being a procrastination assistant, FeeDog is also surprisingly educational. A few of the foods constantly flung at your dog are easy to uncover whether they are good or bad, for example dog bones are good and bombs are bad. Other foods on the other hand are not as simple, for example grapes and broccoli. Thus, if the player allows the dog to eat bad foods they are then able to learn what things actual dogs can and cannot have. As far as I can tell the bad foods in FeeDog are all foods dogs are advised not to eat. The same goes for the good foods, except of course these are safe for dogs to eat.

FeeDog - Dogs vs. Ghosts

FeeDog has a great art style that drew me in from the start and keeps me coming back for more. I admit I’ve let my dog eat bad foods on purpose just to see the cute animations it produces. Along with the great art style FeeDog’s gameplay is simple and addicting. It really goes to show that less is more and with adorable characters and a simple concept a lot can happen. FeeDog – Raising Puppies is simply a fun, adorable, and addicting game that anyone can enjoy and maybe even learn a thing or two from.

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