Five Games I Wish They Would Make Into Movies.

Movies and vide0games have a somewhat rocky relationship when it comes to tie-ins. If we are being brutally honest, most of the games made a movie tie-ins are, with some notable exceptions, not very good. The Amazing Spiderman game as recent as last year proved that when companies put their mind to it, tie in games do not need to be terrible, it is just in most circumstances they are cheaply, quickly made afterthoughts purpose built to cash in of the success of the movie.

Videogames that have been made into movies have been somewhat more successful, due mainly to the fact that they are not restricted by the same time constraints that games tied into a specific movie are. If a game based on a movie is to be financially successful, it has a very small window of opportunity around the same time the movie gets released to make its move. Movies based on games, on the other hand, are often based on long established videogame franchises so they have the luxury of time. They have been some stinkers mind you, the Doom movie was slated on release for its shoddy performances and terrible first person perspective. The Resident Evil movies started off strong but have waned over time.

That brings me onto todays list, in a purely hypothetical world where producers had an infinite amount of time to perfect their movies, which five franchises would I like to see hit the big screen and why? I will give my best argument for these but as always feel free to completely throw my article in disrepute in the comments below, and make a better argument for what games you would like to see turned into movies.


Ever since I had the pleasure on visiting the magnificent underwater city of Rapture during my time with the first 2 Bioshock games, I have always wanted to see how a movie adaptation would turn out. There was rumblings a few years ago about a Bioshock movie that was potentially in the works but apparently the recommended budget was simply too high fora movie that many people regarded as quite a gamble.

It’s a shame as well, because if the movie could recreate the stunning game world and nail the characters it could be something quite special indeed. Bioshock also boasts one of the best story twists in gaming history, so a collaboration with the games writers could lead to a script filled with fireworks. That is not to mention what angle they would spin on the whole little sister and big daddy relationships.


Mass Effect

This would be awesome, it just would. The Mass Effect series is epic, spanning an entire galaxy and countless planets hosting numerous races of aliens. The Mass Effect world’s backstory would provide easily enough for a number of movies, let alone one. Personally I would love to see a movie along the same lines as Mass Effect 3, where Shepard would have to traverse the galaxy enlisting the help of every race imaginable so they could band together to defeat a threat to the entire universe. Would it rip off every sci-fi move ever made? Perhaps. But would it be awesome? You could bet your house on it.


Spec Ops: The Line

The first choice on this list where I have thought a bit outside the box. Spec Ops: The Line, on the surface of it, is just another military third person cover shooter. But underneath it’s generic exterior lies a deeply thought provoking story that tugs at an aspect rarely touched in gaming, particularly in military games, and that is morality. Most military shooters shove a weapon of some description in your hand, give you a lot of enemies to kill and task you with doing just that, but not many touch on why you are doing it. Spec Ops touches on the human side of war in a way in a way few movies have, let alone games. The only movies that spring to mind are Jarhead and Saving Private Ryan, but Spec Ops is arguably more emotionally wrenching as it tasks you with making the tough calls and living with the consequences, rather that just watching what happens in a movie. Watching your initially macho squad gradually break down under the weight on their shoulders is harrowing. Sandstorm stricken Dubai also sounds like a great scene for a war film, go on, tell me I’m wrong.


Far Cry 3

I’ve included this game based purely on the fact that it is totally and utterly bonkers. The world is mad, the story is mad, the characters are mad and the action is mad. It might not turn out to be the most heart wrenching, thought provoking movie ever, but boy would it ever be fun to watch! It would be one of those guilty pleasure movies that you watch every now and again when you just want to switch your brain off and watch some mindless mayhem. The games story might be slightly cliched, but watching protagonist Jason turn from scared nobody to bloodthirsty killer is quite a transformation in the game and could potentially adapt well to the big screen.


Dynasty Warriors

Another slightly outside the box choice for my last pick but one I will attempt to justify. The Dynasty Warriors series is based, admittedly losely, on the ancient Chinese battles of the three kingdoms, Wei, Wu and Shu. This would provide sufficient source material to create a workable story around. It would also allow for the kind of large scale battles rarely seen in movies that aren’t Lord of the Rings. The characters in each kingdom have also been brought to life in the videogames, and with the right actors could create some excellent performances.


What games or franchises would you like to see made into movies? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @zero1gaming. Be sureto check back later in the week for my round up on Games into Movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

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  • GraemeNash

    The main problem with this list is that video game stories don’t make good movie stories. The worlds created can be cross media, stories for games are written very differently because they’re interactive. The Bioshock movie, which I read just a couple of months ago was still in the minds of both Irrational and Hollywood, is/was to be about the creation of Rapture, leading up to the events of the first game, pretty much the story of the book “Rapture”.
    Far Cry 3 and The Line wouldn’t work, great game stories, but there’s not enough of a story to a decent movie out of… Maybe a mindless summer “Blockbuster” for whatever they’re worth, but not a great movie.
    Mass Effect, I do agree, but again not the game’s story. They’ve created a vibrant universe (literally, a universe!) full of new races and characters and locations… Personally, I’d rather see a TV series; I still need the hole that Stargate’s cancellation left filling…