Hidden Gem: To The Moon Video Playthrough

A video playthrough review of retro-style point & click indie adventure To The Moon (Published by Freebird Games).

In the video, Paul Izod plays through part of the first act of the game to illustrate various aspects of the game, story and mechanics, reviewing it as he goes, with a light-hearted attitude.

The game comes under our Hidden Gem category, being a lesser-known indie game which we at Zero1gaming feel is deserving of greater attention as a truly excellent game. A Hidden Gem need not be a world beater, or even necessarily a traditionally ‘good’ game, but it is always a thoroughly enjoyable experience that we recommend for its sheer fun and being a joy to play.

I cannot recommend the game highly enough and if you like point & click adventures, you will LOVE this game. Its the sort of game that makes its own little place in you’re heart and you’ll find yourself coming back to it again and again.

I know I will.


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About Paul Izod
Paul Izod is a lifelong gamer. Since he was old enough to tap at his Dad's PC's keyboard he's been a gamer. Dedicated and often opinionated, you can be sure he'll always have something interesting to say about the subject at hand. Find him on Twitter at @PaulIzod or @FaultyPixelUK or email him at paulizod@zero1gaming.com