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News Round-Up: Friday 13th Edition

Another week, another batch of news to be duly absorbed. Since I’m still currently on holiday, I’ve had a chance to keep up with just about all that’s happened, even if you lot have been busy. My only goals for this past fortnight have been to play as many games as possible, move as little as is required and sleep for as long as I wanted. Alas, my pile of unplayed games remains as tall as before, despite my best intentions. But on the plus side, I’ve managed to double-invert my sleeping pattern; that is, I became nocturnal for a few days, but powered through it to such a degree that I now rise at 6am. I thought 6am had been banned.

As usual, here are a few of the key stories you might not have heard about in the last few days, all conveniently located in the same article for your reading pleasure. Read more …

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What Makes A Classic?

I have said before that I own quite a lot of games. In terms of physical titles, I have several hundred, most of which are arrayed on various shelves around my room. It’s quickly becoming apparent to me that I will need to invest in further shelf space or other storage solutions in the near future, because shit is getting crazy up in here. For the most part, I only own games that are excellent or that I enjoy playing. The two are not mutually exclusive, but due to varying tastes, I may have a few titles that some consider “bad”. Dotted among the myriad rows and stacks are games that I would class as truly amazing; games that I have enjoyed to such a degree that I would name them my favourites.

My problem – if you can call it that – is that the vast majority of them are from two or three generations ago. Read more …

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Gaming Emotion: Joy

We all know that games can make people happy. Sometimes it’s just from the act of playing, other times it’s due to the excellent story. It might even be down to emergent gameplay – something that the developers perhaps never intended – or something even more esoteric. Still, I found it difficult to pick the title of this article. Read more …