d9526c429d378a59d80b60b6776b2dd4Editor: Tim Bowers

Aka Timbosaurus! RAWWWWWWR

Just your average Zelda playing, Dinosaur loving, Unicorn Hugger. I occasionally chip in and write something, but most of my time is spent making sure that my team of whippersnappers do what I say. Bossing people around has never been so much fun!

Gamertag: N/A
Twitter: @timbow1982

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Writer: Paul Izod

Aka Shamino

I can often be found tinkering with a new game or recording a new video here or there. Looking to move into video content more and more. I’ve been a gamer since the age of 5 or so. RPG addict and proud. Along with that I’ve been an Ice Skater for 17 years and I do card magic.

I went to University and studied History with English… which has been sooooooo worthwhile I can assure youThese days I seem to spend half my time responding to reader comments and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Gamertag: Shamino77
Steam: Shamino77
Twitter: @paulizod

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Writer: Chris SmithChris

Writer: Chris Smith

AKA Leivan
I’m a twenty-something gamer from the North-East of Scotland. By day, I’m a Computer Technician at a local IT recycling charity, where I fix and build PCs. Outside of that, most of my time is spent either sleeping or gaming, which I try accomplish in equal amounts.

I’m a massive fan of RPGs and any game with a great story. In the same vein, I love reading, which lead me to writing at a fairly young age. Recently, I decided to combine passions and start writing for Zero1Gaming.

Gamertag: Forres
PSN: Leivan
Steam: Leivan
Twitter: @Leivan

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Writer: Ed ProsserED

Aka Ed

10% smart. 90% casual. 100% nerd. Multimedia Journalism student. Obsessive strategy game player, loves StarCraft more than life itself. Massive supporter of games as art and indie games. Owns a tired old workhorse of a PC, a PS3, and a hamster. Steam seems to have a direct line to my wallet, but I don’t mind. Stealth games make me go all wiggly, can’t take the tension. Smash Bros. Melee is the greatest fighting game ever designed, and I rule at it (Young Link for life).

Twitter: @Oyster_buoy
Steam: Scarybiscuits
PSN: Oyster_buoy


Writer: Michael Dalgleish

Aka Dowgle

Just a guy who like writing about and playing games. When I’m not taking names on FPS’ like Call of Duty and Halo I’ve been known to dabble in a bit of everything from Forza to Skyrim to Minecraft. Willing to chat and make a fool of myself, I’m that ‘funny guy’ that secretly everyone despises…

Outside of gaming I am a graduate in Sports Coaching and looking into personal training. Feel free to hit me up via the mediums below to discuss anything that tickles your fancy.’

Twitter; @dowgle
Gamertag: Dowgle
Steam: Dowgle

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Writer: Joseph Butler-Hartley


A jaded horror enthusiast, I get my kicks hiding in cupboards from whatever hideous creatures happen to be around. I’ll happily play most genres on a range of consoles and PC. Apart from writing for Z1G, I also study Public Relations at Leeds Met and I sell sea shells on the sea shore.

Gamertag: iamelhombrelobo
PSN: thisisajoe
Steam: thisisajoe
Twitter: @thisisajoe

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Writer: Drew Pontikis

AKA Drew

By day, bad tempered and embittered analyst in an IT department for an insurance company. By night, bad tempered and embittered 360 player. Some call me a genuis, others call me a madman. I can’t repeat what others say. I can usually be found enjoying some FPS, sport or racing simulation action, but will have a crack at any genre that I can get my hands on.

I briefly went to university, then promptly left again when I found out about the working hours involved.

Gamertag: Drew060609
Twitter: Drew060609

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OliWriter: Oliver Smith


PlayStation obsessive and Red Bull fiend. Can often be found touring the streets of both Liberty City and Stoke-On-Trent. The latter being a little less glamorous.

Will play anything and everything. Max Payne champion, adequate FIFA player and hopeless driver.

Currently studying Journalism at The University of Salford in the hopes of achieving game-reporting glory. A man can dream.

Twitter: olismith93
Facebook: Oliver Smith
PSN: zoolander93

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