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Among the Sleep 1

Among the Sleep

The protagonists in horror games are often under-powered individuals, with the scare factor emanating from the fact that these everyday weaklings have to face off against fearsome foes. Well, Krillbite Studio’s went for the jugular when they made the protagonist of their first-person horror game, Among the Sleep, a toddler. Read more …

Mario Kart 1

Mario Kart 8 Review

I don’t like racing games, yet I love Mario Kart. I think it’s the fact that it completely ignores the tropes of the genre, i.e. ultra-realism and pedantic mechanics, in favour of silly, OTT fun that is as attached to real-life go-karting as Metal Gear Solid is to actual warfare. Mario Kart 8 gleefully continues this tradition, bestowing its drivers with the ability to defy gravity. Read more …

Featured - Fibre

Fibre is Good For You

Alright, bit of a time-out this Tuesday. While this article might be short and relatively specific, it has at least a tangential relation to gaming, so I’m going to run with it. Today, I’d like to talk about switching to Fibre Optic Broadband.

Some caveats first: everything I write is limited to a UK perspective. I have no idea how internet works over the pond. You lot and your cable everything… what’s wrong with good old ADSL? Specifically, this article relates to an upgrade from ADSL2+ to FTTC. While I was looking into upgrading my own connection, I came across a ton of scattered information, most of it incomplete and a lot of it contradictory. For anyone considering the switch, this article is for you. I hope it can act as a beacon of sense amongst the billions of forum posts across the vast expanse of the internet. Read more …


Next Gen Gaming – What Did You Expect?!

Woo I bought an Xbone! Woo I bought a PS4! Woo I bought a Wii U (said no one). The next generation has been around for a while now, but a lot of people are feeling a bit short changed. If the grievance extended only as far as ‘there’s no games!’ then that would be understandable, but it’s been much more than that. There’s a significant amount of anger still being levied at Microsoft by the Sony cheerleaders, although quite why they feel the need to get so worked up over the fact that someone hasn’t chosen to buy the same console as they have when it has absolutely no impact on them whatsoever is a continual source of facepalm. Whilst the Xbox fan boys have had little choice to keep quiet, timidly waiting for Microsoft to drop their next bollock and embarrass themselves yet again; even those still trying to kid on that Titanfall is the most awesome thing to happen since first person shooters since Hitler invaded Poland have grown weary of being ignored. All the while, the PC fraternity have sniggered at the pettiness of the console underclasses and gone back to programming macros into Warcraft and not having girlfriends. Read more …