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The Sense behind Microcraft

How much does a global phenomenon cost? Lots of people have wondered how much it cost to create one, but Microsoft has gone out of its way to explain, in no uncertain terms, how much it cost to purchase one outright. And the answer, I think, surprised everyone.

Mojang, led by fedora-wielding face of indie game development Notch, has just been bought by Microsoft for the tidy price of $2.5 billion. This is big news for both companies, both because of what it may mean to Mojang’s future and how Microsoft is going to make any return on this purchase after Minecraft has already sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. Read more …


Hands On – The Evil Within

I recently got the opportunity to get an early hands on play of The Evil Within; the latest assault on the third person horror genre from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. “You may have heard of Shinji Mikami” Bethesda’s rep said with pride “he worked on a little series called Resident Evil”. Having left the franchise after Resi 4, Mikami has now set up his own studio in Tango Gameworks and this is his first attempt back at into the genre. Read more …

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Easy PC Redux – 6 – Monitors

When it comes to choosing a monitor for your gaming PC, you’ll be hard pressed to make any really terrible decision.  Unless you’re buying an ancient, used CRT from a dodgy eBay seller called “t0t4l1y l3g1t”, you’re probably going to get a passably decent viewing experience for combined web browsing and gaming.  Thankfully, this article will be more of a checklist; the more boxes you tick when picking out your new monitor, the better.  Don’t feel like you have to cover every base, since monitors can be ridiculously expensive in exactly the same ways that pre-built gaming PCs can be.  Instead, choose which features you feel will be most important to you and try to stick within your budget. Read more …