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Google Cardboard – The £3 Oculus Rift

We’ve all heard about the Oculus Rift; the headset that promises to truly deliver a full Virtual Reality experience, dropping the player into a computer-generated world and letting them experience the world first-hand.

The tech has garnered a lot of coverage in the industry over the last few years, including a great deal of discussion regarding the shipping of the pre-ordered hardware. Read more …



     During a long day of summer classes and work, I tend to take to my iPhone App Store in search of new games to ease my stress and relax my worries. I came across this game the other day called LASER!. It is an endless dodging game. You play as a cube and your job is to bounce along the path without getting hit by lasers that are being shot at you. I was drawn to the game because of its color scheme and design. It reminded me a lot of Monument Valley, because of its beige, teal, and salmon colors as well as its simplistic style.

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