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Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a mobile app puzzle game created by ustwo. Throughout the 10 chapter app, you play as Ida, the princess of the valley who has forgotten her true self. As you traverse through each level Ida rediscovers herself as we learn more about her as well. Little Princess Ida is more than meets the eye, as we watch her grow on this quest for forgiveness. Forgiveness for what, we cannot be too sure.

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Ossuary is a PC game created by Future Proof Games. Within the game you find yourself in a place known as the Ossuary or the place of bones, whose bones no one knows. Based on the introducing quote to the game, one can assume that this place is located somewhere lower than Hell. At its core Ossuary is a puzzler, as you traverse through the game talking with others and completing the objectives given to you by them. Each puzzle is intertwined with another, as the player must complete one task before completing another. But encompassing that core is a deep and thought-provoking narrative. This narrative involves themes of order & chaos, justice, wisdom, power, war, and politics. Future Proof Games drew a lot from the Discordian tradition for Ossuary. It tackles a lot; however, not to the extent that it is overwhelming. Ossuary tosses out ideas and concepts that cause the player to contemplate different perspectives.

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