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iOS/Android Review – Til Morning’s Light

In today’s world nearly everyone carries around a gaming device in their pocket. Mobile phones are rapidly becoming so powerful that they can easily handle large scale games with impressive graphics that can grant the same level of immersion as their console equivalents. I recently acquired an iPhone 6 + and have been looking for a game to really take advantage of my phones capabilities. Read more …


The Sims 4

Alright, so The Sims 4 has been out for quite some time now, especially as expansion and stuff packs have begun to be available for the game. As a dedicated player and a lover of The Sims 3, I believed it could only get better with The Sims 4. I mean, I have seen how thorough and advanced the Create-A-Sim function is, allowing the player to make rounder butts, bigger boobs, and slimmer guts. Almost anything is possible when it comes to creating a new sim. Read more …


6 Best Games at E3 2015 So Far

This year’s E3 has had it’s up’s and plenty more downs (bow to the Hoop God, you pathetic mortals!) but there’s been plenty of thrilling games on show, and maybe it’s because of the contrast with last year’s dismal effort, but personally I’m satisfied. Among the numerous unveilings, showcases, hyperbole and ceiling cars, there were six games that particularly peaked my interest, and here they are.  Read more …