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Upcoming in 2014

I’m not sure if it’s just me or something, but it feels like nothing’s happening at the moment. We’re still in the middle of a dry spot for gaming releases, the Summer Sales have all passed and most of 2014′s good games are still on the horizon. There’s even potential for some of them to be pushed back to 2015, if they haven’t already. There’s nothing much to write about, from my perspective. I can only play games so fast; there’s nothing for me to even review. What’s left? Let’s go with another look ahead to what I might be playing in the latter half of this year. Read more …


Gears of War Voice Actor Returning


Gears of War voice actor Lester Speight has stated that he will reprise his role as Cole in the Gears of War franchise. The Gears of War franchise was purchased by Microsoft earlier in the year, with a new title currently in development for the Xbox One. The company has no plans to rush the new game, as it has to “reignite” the franchise. Rod Fergusson, studio manager at Black Tusk, has stated that the developer will somewhat “betray” Gears of War fans in order to innovate.



Hooligans: The Bravest

Hooligans: The Bravest proved to be a very difficult game for me to review, if I’m completely honest. It’s not that it’s a bad game; not really. Nor is it that it’s an especially brilliant game either.

The game itself, really, is more or less what you’d expect from a title so obviously capitalising on the current World Cup popularity; a fairly solid, if uninspiring, gameplay experience with the football theme somewhat shoe-horned in. Read more …