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Dungeons 4

Dungeons 2 Review

Like many gamers born in the 90s, I spent an unholy amount of time playing Dungeon Keeper; the innovative RTS created by Peter Molyneux before he joined the dark-side. A couple of years ago, EA took a literal stab at recreating the franchise, and what we got was a micro-transaction riddled corpse of a game. Thank the devil that Kalypso carried the torch with Dungeons 2. Read more …


Type: Rider

Type: Rider is a PC game created by Ex Nihilo that takes its audience through a typographical journey as the player takes on the role of a colon ( : ). The sole mechanics including jumping and rolling around. Each level in the game represents a different font as well as the setting it is famous for. Each font is thoroughly incorporated within its level. Not only can the font be used in the background, but it is often used as obstacles the colon has to get around. One specific incorporation can be seen when the colon has to navigate through the Gutenberg Bible.

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Pinna – Unicycle for your nerves

Pinna – Unicycle for your nerves, is a free IOS and Android game created by Riku Tamminen. Going off of the name only, one could assume that this game is designed as a stress reliever; however, that is far from the truth. For it is Pinna that is the provider of stress. The game should be called Pinna – Unicycle that gets on your nerves. The jist of the game consists of balancing a unicycle as it travels as far as possible, earning a higher score being your ultimate goal each play through. Simple concept, frustratingly difficult execution.

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