My Favourite Game Series: The Sims

Everyone has a game series within their collection that they simply adore. It’s often a series that truly shapes and revolutionises the way in which they approach gaming. It’s safe to say anyone who knows me is well aware of my favourite game series. With plumbobs, simoleons and ‘WooHoo’ in abundance, who doesn’t love the occasional game of The Sims!?


I discovered The Sims whilst visiting a friend’s house shortly after it had released. Being described as a ‘virtual dollhouse’ me, being  a ten year old became overwhelmed with excitement. Needless to say, my parents were greeted with countless hours of nagging when I returned home. Knowing how destructive my behaviour was with a real dollhouse, the prospect of owning a virtual one to destroy was irresistible.

It felt like an age had passed as I patiently waited for The Sims to install. Little did I know, this title I discovered by chance would shape my gaming experiences for many years.  Although I enjoyed The Sims immensely upon discovering it, as I became more mature, I began to understand the concepts and possibilities the series provides.


The Sims series has come a long way since it was released just twelve years ago. As an avid fan, I was delighted when The Sims was introduced to console. Despite owning every PC release within The Sims series, I swiftly purchased the console releases that followed. Just when I thought my passion for The Sims could develop no further, I found myself partaking in a balancing act between experiencing The Sims on console and on PC. There were simply not enough hours in the day to satisfy my obsession at this stage.


Having collected an astronomical amount of The Sims titles, people often ask me ‘What’s your favourite title?’ The Sims 2 is probably my favourite title released within the series, owing to the amount of time I spent playing it. The possibilities were truly endless, so much so that I delved into story-writing and creating my own attire for The Sims 2. It truly was an accessible game for an eclectic audience. My favourite expansion packs from The Sims 2 series were Seasons and Pets. Implementing weather into The Sims really did the series some justice, and provided a further degree of realism to the game.

Having purchased two PCs just to play the latest release in the series, The Sims 3, people would argue that I am obsessed. In my opinion, The Sims is merely a passion to me, not an obsession. Thus far, I’ve collected every expansion pack released for this instalment of the series.  The Sims 3: Pets has been my favourite expansion pack to date, owing to my profound love of animals. I’m delighted that my other favourite expansion pack is finally being implemented into The Sims 3 experience. The Seasons expansion pack is a fan-favourite and including weather is something Simmers have wanted for quite some time.


I found it difficult to provide a ‘summary’ regarding my experience of The Sims. If I were given the opportunity, I know I could write reams of facts and experiences regarding The Sims. If anyone does have any questions regarding The Sims or this article, feel free to tweet me on @xsuperhan.


Thanks for reading, happy simming!

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